SPARK INSTEAD OF A MATCHA lighter, a diagram is shown in the drawing, is intended for gas stoves. It is reliable, comfortable and safe. The device is a transistor blocking oscillator, powered by dry batteries with a voltage of SV.

On the output winding of the blocking-transformer develops a voltage up to 10,000 V. This is enough to cause a spark length of 1-2 mm. Such a spark easily ignites the gas burner.
TP1 is assembled on the core W-10, set of 60 mm. 1.1 Winding is 5 turns of wire sew or PEL 0,5; L2 is 10 turns of PEL or PEV 0,8; LЗ— 12,000 turns of PEV 0,05.
The transistor T1 may be of the type П217.

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