LADDER OF KNOTS...Both in the construction and further operation or repair of individual or country house to work on the roof required a special ladder, better wood, with an l-shaped end at the top so you can hook it over the ridge of the roof. Often here it remains idle until the next time, due to structural inability to use it for other purposes. But to make such not so easy.

Is essentially stationary krysheval the stairs German magazine “Practices” recommends to make no less convenient, but more simple rope ladder, which can collect in a short time and almost nothing: only need a strong rope Yes bars. The end result is a staircase has many advantages. It is incomparably easier hardwood; easy to store as folds in the roll; can be used not only for work but also as sports equipment for physical activities or kids games, hanging like a swing or hammock like.

So, first of all harvests future steps. They will need to saw the bars cross-section 60×40 mm and a length of about 350 mm. On the edges of each block, taking about 30 mm, drill holes with a diameter of 12 mm. After that, each preset is carefully processed with emery paper so that no remaining Burr or tucks: after all, they have to not only attack but also take hold.

If you wish to lengthen the service life of the degrees or to improve their appearance it is possible to impregnate the workpiece with varnish, paint oil paints or tinted antiseptic compounds.


Preparing the rope into two lengths of approximately 4,000 mm, you can proceed directly to the Assembly steps. This work is carried out simultaneously on both parallel segments sequentially knotting at each node and passing the rope through the holes in the bar until it stops at the knot. Step between the nodes on each pitch of about 300 mm. If necessary, each bar-step it is possible to fix nodes on two sides, thereby eliminating the possibility of the shifting of his rope.

After stringing all bars-steps to the ends of the ropes bring together and tying one common node, as at the top of the stairs, so below.

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