THE PATH TO MASTERYYes, these guys can not be surprised nor machines, semi-automatic, capable of providing precision precision metal machining, no complex electronic circuits with transistors evaporated or ingenious configurations of parts to be processed. Because they themselves, despite small age, already proudly say “We are working class”. And the skill level of the working class of the era of the technological revolution to straighten your skills. Because they are learning from the best of its representatives and are prepared tomorrow to stand with them for the machines to take up obedient only to a skilled person tool, to join the vast army of creators of wealth.

These guys — five minutes to work — the pupils from schools of vocational training, the main suppliers of personnel for the national economy. Because what they teach that they will invest the mentors, with some creativity they will come to their jobs depends on the development of virtually all sectors of the economy.
That is why every report of a shift of the working class — whether an exhibition or contest for the title of best young lathe, milling, caster. — meets with stakeholder special attention of both industry professionals and ordinary visitors, as they are called, events. To see today the edge of the future, to make sense of what it will be — it’s so important for each of us.
This preamble I need to explain why the Central exhibition NTTM-76, which in fact was not overlooked by the guests of ENEA, a small volume of the exposition of the schools of vocational and technical education does not leave anyone indifferent. This is despite the fact that here was a little catchy, striking in appearance of all cars, sverhoriginalnogo vehicles or brilliant design modern electronics.
But there is another: the visible features of the future skill of the creators of all these unique devices, mechanisms, machine tools and skill, soldered with an insatiable thirst for the search of perfection, fused with the boldness of a pioneer.
Of course, for anybody not a secret that these exhibits 35 schools from different corners of the Soviet Union won the right to be represented on the main exhibition of the country only after careful selection. Because the competition for the right to be a member of the NTTM 76 was first in the schools, then cities, republics… But if you allow such a comparison, records in the sport — this is not the level of the average athlete, but only a demonstration of the capabilities of the person. And the quintessence of technical creativity, vocational school, who stands NTTM — evidence of the high level reached by our best colleges for technical and vocational education, and should aspire to the rest.
And the level, this is truly a matter of respect. That’s why many visitors have viewed the exhibition, starting not with the most stunning designs, but with the unassuming appearance of adaptations of operator, concentrated on the Central stand. The original cutting tool, dividing head, universal clamps and grips for ease of use on the machines — that is their content. Special interest specialists designed by students of vocational school № 36 Moscow drill head on centering device lathe: original capture removable, allowing the drilling of holes with diameter up to 16 mm., Students of vocational school № 4 of the Lithuanian SSR have shown a device for shaped cutting of sheet metal, which is due to the rational decision of cutting bodies allows minimal effort to cope with this work, even to a teenager. And the guys from Alma-ATA school brought to NTTM unique vise that can handle milling and drilling machine parts of complex configuration. At some distance stands the school № 40 (Moscow) is another exhibit — universal clamp for drilling “unorthodox” items. Needless to say, a complex problem arises before the operator in such operations, how much work, time is spent on the fit before you make minute drill! The guys from the vocational school № 40, in the General opinion, brilliantly solve the task. No wonder their work is marked by a copyright certificate. This and other exhibits fortieth vocational: split units, visual AIDS, equipped in accordance with the best recommendations NOTES lathe — evidence of a great creative search, which is here the movement of NTTM. Search directs the work of a great master, Hero of Socialist Labor, delegate of the XXV Congress of the CPSU, an experienced youth mentor, V. S. Filippov.
These stands clearly understand that the young working class is at its closest approaches to the skills that the enterprises of the country will come out courageous and creative work.
For a considerable number of years during which developing and our country, the movement of scientific-technical creativity of youth, how many already perevedeno various exhibitions, explored many of the original exhibits, many amazing finds young craftsmen were able to admire! As the years passed, gave way to themes of the exhibitions, different machines, components and units who were pressing on the stands. Boldly, brazenly, expertly— so all he had seen was assessed. But here is, perhaps, began with NTTM-74 — Symphony of metal, embodies the creative thought of man, began forcibly to invade a new note. Perhaps seemingly somewhat mundane, as if the bounding box of the search, but as it turned out, in fact, much gulobeva it, giving it new meaning.
This notes the real usefulness of the products presented at the exhibition. However, judging by the exposure on vocational NTTM-76, it is possible to speak not about touch, but about a powerful topic, in a new way and aimed to highlight all the technical work.
Real benefit. Its already producing hundreds of products presented on NTTM. Stands and vocational schools is also proud to report signatures to many made by the hands of children mechanisms, nodes, details: “Copyright certificate №…”, “Embedded…”, “Economic effect,..”
The following information is given for almost every exhibit that testifies to the massive redirection of technical creativity, vocational layouts and visual AIDS needed in today’s economy rationalization. In retargeting, this is not surprising: passed time when the vocational schools had their own to get the stands and equipment to teach the children on end-of-century machines, in short, do everything possible to create the material basis of the educational process.
The constant concern of the party close ties with industry, which is preparing young professionals and who are naturally interested in their quality, finally, the established practice of work order plants and factories could not cause concerns about material supply is moved to the background, and made the first new feature of the training. This trait — lifting training to a new qualitative level, a combination of teaching the fundamentals of education and development of creative skills. The desire of children from the first steps to not do “boring assignments”, but really useful things supported by jobs, requiring for its execution an innovation approach, a bold decision.
So it was with the orders received at vocational school № 5 of the Latvian SSR. For many years I designers over such a problem. In the chemical industry is used for many corrosive liquids. Created materials, resistant to aggressive environments, — they go for the manufacture of pipes in which circulating liquids and gases. But they need something to distill. What? The details of the pumps fail, causing frequent stops of the units, reducing production efficiency. To solve I needed some different, innovative, unconventional approach. And guys found him. They created the original pump that squeezes the pipe with aggressive mixes and pushes them outside. This pump is much more durable than their counterparts operating in the old way. Copyright certificate crowned the work of the Latvian children. The economic effect of its implementation on a single company amounted to tens of thousands of rubles.
With the use of employed in enterprises and many other tools created by the guys from PTU: quick-acting clamps for concentric parts, tools for hopelawn parts of complex configuration, sets of an electrician. As estimated, the total economic effect from implementation of only those works that are presented at the stands of vocational training, amounted to more than 200 thousand rubles. A significant contribution to the tenth five-year plan!
But boys will be boys, even if they are five minutes to work most of the famous factory. They can’t do without a wide flight of fancy, without experiment. That is why however important to show the practical side of their current Affairs, their level of preparedness for the “adult” labor organizers of an exhibition have not spared, and such of their “inventions”, which, from the point of view of modern industry, that is, in any gate do not climb. But testify to the enormous creative potential of their creators.
Here in one of the corners of the exhibition huddled downright giant compared to all these devices and mechanisms exhibit. Visitors aptly dubbed him “the giraffe” and had long stood in front of him during the demonstrations. Indeed, somehow fits the interior of the exhibition hall is huge excavator bucket, raised for a powerful telescopic rod. “Giraffe” this is a most useful work, although the bucket is already my days not filled by the ore or sand. He teaches future excavator. Current simulator in full size — that’s what this machine is built by students of the vocational school # 4 in Odessa. All of the decommissioned parts, and everything works as new — sit down cockpit simulator and learn!
And there a strange car pulled up as the nose of the plane before taking off the hood. Tricycle-all-terrain vehicle — operation Vinnytsia guys. According to the designers — it’s a jeep, so the desired land. Wide front wheels and spiked rear should provide the tricycle the ability to move in rough terrain.
Tricycle-all-terrain vehicle designed in the winery.
Tricycle-all-terrain vehicle constructed in Vinnitsa.
And another exhibit, which is impossible not to mention Boring for the uninitiated the name of the issuing purely mundane topics: “Office “Tractors”. Again visual AIDS? Where here to turn fantasies rebeccam dreams about the future? And future operators of rural vocational school № 5 of the city of Stary Oskol have seen and have created a reference class of the future, which will come boys and girls of the eighties. They expertly put together complete automation of all educational processes with the use of tape recorders, movie – n lighting, a variety of servomechanisms and electronics with the latest trends of artistic design. And created a morph in the scope and functional purpose, aesthetic and comfortable for the class room. Small bar. One of the end walls of the class busy with portraits of graduates of the school became notable operators. When the class is first come, future tractor, automatic device illuminates in sequence these pictures, and from hidden speakers a voice: heroes of the rural cornfields greet their shift.
…Rightly says the old saying: “Better to see once…” there is No doubt that each of the readers of our magazine, if he was able to visit NTTM-76 and see the exhibition of the schools of vocational education, said would have numerous useful things that gives impetus to thought works for future fitters, machinists, builders, mechanics. I would like to end this little story here. XXV Congress of the CPSU put the task to provide the training of highly skilled workers for all sectors of the economy. The exhibition is a vocational school in the Central exhibition NTTM-76 convincing the testimony, ut that the task that our system of vocational training decides on the highest creative level.