THIS WINDCALLER...Sergey Ivolgin has never been in such a ridiculous position. “And what carried me to this gallery”— once again he repeated, with a desperate longing glances, then stretched out on the water the sail, then moving past such a comfortable, dry inside and not tumbling every minute of the yacht.

Sergei angrily shrugged and immediately regretted it, because the Board is the float on which he was sitting, immediately responded with a sharp roll.
…What started out well for him this morning! Sun, sky, clouds, and warm I water the gentle, sleepy-asleep on the beach lounger, the transistor at hand — what else is new man?
…Contrived the devil to meet on the beach! root! Well, haven’t seen him in five years, and five did not meet! And of course, word for word: “Man, how many winters” — and so on. No to immediately and say, like, things, while, take the phone, and goodbye. I posed questions to him that you’re here Oh, why, here Andrei and told me that he was here with a group of guys engaged in wind… wind… the word won’t even say that, h ?m they do here. In General, it is this Board out of foam on her sail well and ride it, of course, if the wind is blowing.
Yes, so this Kornev boasted:
The gut reaction… the wind… the eye… the Sense of balance…” that in five minutes it appeared we had. Look — the tent on the hill, some distance beards some swarm: single skin pole drait, the other to the sail room sews, in General, all at business. Well, these same boards are blue and red, and striped.
And here I and speak, that, say, children’s toys do, the elderly. is it your this is it, childserving: no motor you neither speed nor comfort; on a yacht, for example, and the interesting: and sit there where, and the girl to ride…
Laughter then rose, and Kornev, this flashes a beard. The Board under his arm, Yes to the water, you see, the sail has put himself on the Board jumps. The wind just blew it and away from the shore like a boat. I even opened my mouth — before fun, but not carelessly so, and serves notice that there is nothing special: the wind is blowing well and the floats themselves Board — and any could…
…Sergei longingly looked at so far now the shore and cautiously began to rise to his feet. Board, God damn it, again it started to wobble, but he still got up — we’ve got to get to shore, not to shout in a loud voice: “People, help!”
The sail swayed next to the Board on a small wave, and he thought that in this situation, he will only interfere. “Winding up would have on the mast,’ he murmured, then he and the Board will fit, and then it is a green salad and the evening will not get out”.
Sergei slipped into the water, enjoying feeling cool And all Andryukha with his jokes! The surfer said, not your “Java”, a motorcycle and a bear in a circus riding, and you said, surfer try… Well he got me, of course. Let’s say your Board will show you the class.
I went to the Bank and here, as you can imagine, I felt stung inside: “Give up, saying, don’t go…” But I also explained that I wound up with a half-turn, I will not go back on their word after all, Andrei is already a mast and put my hands on a stick curve that the sail is tied, puts — hold, they say. Then the breeze from shore began to blow, so light, weightless, and the sail is from a distance he seemed small, and out of his hands and with this wind breaks, forward pull. Before I weigh in on it Yes feel, look, and the shore far enough. Cheered I started to try, to try on: the sail forward tilt Board to the right, back — left. Work!
But then the wind became stronger, the sail pulled forward, I kept him, shifted from foot to foot… in a Word, in a minute began to get out of the water on the “miracle boat”, but there it was, only hands grab onto, and Board, barge-truck, bent down aboard, and I’m back in the water. Nothing to do, had to climb the “tail”. Somehow perched. Pulled the sail and began to raise the mast. Pull, pull, as many cores are cracking, and the sail as stuck to the water: lay in it, and that’s all. Pull their socks up I pulled… and plop into the water! Popped up, I will understand nothing: no earth, no sky, no my Board — everything around is white mixed with blue: I covered the sail, as a mom with a blanket. Well, I got out, of course, lay on the Board and thought: “Why? Why this stupid sail behaves weird tick? Because I myself saw the bearded man easily pushed him!”
…In a few minutes the hands of Sergei numb, elongated turtle-neck was disgusted to shake and the head itself was bent to the deck. Yes, the mast rolls under the belly…
And then there’s the boys, some swam. On a tiny ahtoska.
Uncle, and that you have a rider?
Well, — tersely replied Sergei.
The area of the sails had what?— do not let the older one.
Sergei angrily looked at the guys.
What I can not say, can not, the machine… that is a windsurfer this is a new, experimental, high-speed, — he made a gesture toward the coast, to the world championship are going to do in Australia so no issues. — He looked pointedly at the guys and began intently to solubility from the deck NATEK.
The boys looked respectfully at him, and the younger still could not resist:
Uncle, what do you sail is not set, the breeze, the thing to do just for the experiment!
I’m telling you in plain Russian, — has frowned the Ivolgin, surfer pilot, speed, stick this, the centerboard that is, ripped, speed, you know, terrible, and without a centerboard…
The guys looked at each other, and the elder timidly suggested:
What if we take you in tow?
Sergei visibly presented themselves at
the tow boys, snide face Cornell and said firmly:
And in the world Cup in this, well in Argentina, I think that can’t happen something? What am I, and there the tug to ask? No, guys, you’ll swim and I’ll walk.
The guys politely said goodbye and swam away. Sergey with longing and envy looked after them, and, carefully raking hands, slowly moved towards the shore.
I served on the Board, took a breath and come again to raise the sail, you see. get something started, especially as I remembered how and ruha another Bank explained to me that the sail should be lifted to leeward., you mean, the one where the wind blows. Not immediately, as it were, in two steps. On the sail because when it lies in water, water is full in the pool, and first have it, you know, drain.
In short, I finally set sail, keep hicok with both hands, afraid to breathe — as if again fall. Board so smoothly slid in the direction of the coast, and then, you know, opened as if I something. Even for a few minutes, but felt. I understand why these guys are so snooty…
How she ended up here, I’ll never know. “She” is a long shoal that stretched from a small Cape on the shore deep in the reservoir. No, I never ran aground, the depth at this point, my Board was pretty decent, nothing to complain about. But algae! This pot worked better than the brakes on “Java”, but everything the wind immediately snatched hicok out of hand. Starostenko I have at the moment was be healthy, so I crashed into it “sargisova sea” thoroughly, almost to the middle.
And what carried me to the galley?
Sergey already was not looking away slowly approaching the shore. Burying her cheek in shoreway surface of the deck, he tried pushing hard, unyielding water ago. Recovered only when the float began to move the sand.
Well, father, ‘ he heard the voice of the root, we might still want? Or “Java” is better? There all the same motor, speed…
Sergei looked at him with wanton eyes. I really wanted to send him to hell. He had already opened his mouth, but suddenly, unexpectedly asked:
Look, man, and that next Saturday you can practice too?

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