TWO cylinders FOR FOUR WHEELto Build a simple, unpretentious and reliable car I can say, came from humble circumstances. In the late times of General scarcity, I bought a well-worn “Zaporozhets”, which stood more to repair than went, expecting when I will find the right spare parts.

After a few years of such torment, I began to beat the idea to build a maintainable and available for parts vehicle.
Some experience of a homemade design I have by the time she had —until this came to the snowmobiles, two tillers, a small tractor. But to approach the construction of the car still feared I was aware that this design requires a higher level of culture of execution.
Options in mind were many. The realization that I want (or rather, h th I but capable and pocket), went for another year or so.
In the end I decided to build a small car in the style of “jeep” not scarce even in the time of a motorcycle engine from “IZH-Yupiter”. Engine power 27 HP allowed to rely on the fact that a small car it is no problem to pull with decent speed.
Suspension, steering and some other units used from motorized С3Д: the disabled social protection authorities had already issued “the Cossacks”, and the sidecar (even in very good condition) went to scrap. This charged the scooter was the basis of my car, which motorists often called minigzip, although her wheels and only the rear is probably more correct to call her motorcar. But the power unit, unlike the prototype, placed in front and tied it with the main transmission circuit with a step 15,875 mm from the machinery. Main gear from the motor scooter cargo “the Ant”. At the transition of the chain through the cross beam of the frame at the last secured the seat belt pretensioner, which removes slack from the lower branches. Additionally, the chain may stretch with movement of the main gear in the slots of the brackets of its attachment. The top chain is covered by a removable cover.
motokare the Power unit of the motorcycle
Power unit motocare from a motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter” position: front axle, suspension, steering mechanism from motorized wheelchairs, foot controls — everything is available if you remove the hood
Transmission motokura: securities transfer from agricultural machinery, main gear from a cargo scooter
Transmission motokura: securities transfer from agricultural machinery, main gear from a cargo scooter “Ant”; axle — propeller shaft steering ZIL
Drive axles the rear wheels first installed all from the same sidecar, but then replaced them with cardan shafts with joints from the steering shaft ZIL. The steering mechanism, front axle and torsion bar suspension with shock absorbers used in full (complete) from the sidecar, from her same — levers and suspension rear wheels.
The engine muffler is hand made. Made from a section of a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 350 mm. Start the engine, kick-starter, and a curved elongated lever which is displayed on the front bumper.
Body type mini-van is completely self-made. It is based on welded space frame assembled from rolled metal of various sizes: tubes of rectangular and circular cross-section, corners of — in short, of what was at that time under the hands — only material provided adequate strength and rigidity.
Composite frame elements can be considered and the sub frame, and different mounting brackets components of the transmission and suspension, since they are welded thereto. Most of the joints of the frame members are reinforced with gussets, although in the picture they are not shown. The frame element can be attributed to the curved side of the rear rack — it is set when the frame is stretched an awning.
geometry motokare
geometry motokura:
1 — wheel (sidecar С3Д, 4 pieces); 2 — kick starter (motorcycle. extended); 3 bumper (steel pipe 60×40). 4 — repeater turn signal (2 PCs); 5 — hood, wings, radiator grille and baffle (made of anodized aluminum, sheet s2); 6 — removable cover (aluminum, sheet s2); 7 —door (from sidecar, 2); 8 —the electric motor driving the wiper blade (tractor); 9 — the steering wheel (sidecar); 10 frame; 11 — shovel; 12 — windshield (motorized); 13 — the wiper blade (tractor); 14 — side rearview mirror; 15 — headlights and driving lights (from sidecar, 2); 16 — lamp taillamp and turn signal (automotive, 2 PCs.); 17 — beam front axle (from sidecar); 18 — the power unit (from a motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter”); 19 — rear view mirror (car); 20 – the curtain (from the truck); 21 — rear window (plexiglass); 22 — spare wheel (sidecar); 23 — rear signal light (automotive); 24 — scrap; 25 — canister capacity of 20 liters; 26 — seat (sidecar, 2); 27 — axle shaft (steering shaft from car ZIL, 2); 28 – main gear (cargo scooter “Ant”); 29 — light license plate (motorized)

The trim body is a hybrid of different materials. Front part: cover, wings, radiator grille and the partition between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment is made as one piece from a sheet of 2 mm of aluminum. This part (let’s call it one word — hood) is easily removable and attached to the frame using spring clamps from the GAZ-69. Removing the hood, you can provide free access to the powertrain, the front axle and even governments.
On top of the hood is even removable cover with back slit opening. Cover is for quick access to spark, carb, fuel tank, electrical connection, and through the hole in the counter-flow of air cooling the engine cylinders and the heat blowing on the windshield, not allowing it to fog up even in cold weather. Under the hood mounted also two fans for cooling the engine are necessary when slow-motion motocare.
Doors — metal and steel sheet. They are used on motorized wheelchairs. On it and the windshield, taken together with the driven gear only brush “janitor”.
The floor of The car under the feet of the driver and passenger of duralumin sheet thickness: 3 mm Niche rear wheels behind the seats closed galvanized roofing sheet thickness of 0.8 mm, and the removable floor for access to the main transmission, and the hood — also of duralumin sheet thickness of 2 mm.
Side — Side and rear — sheathed with plywood, covered with fiberglass impregnated with synthetic resin.
The roof of the car — a removable canvas awning with a rear window made of plexiglass.
Front bumper from motocare — of rectangular tube 60×40 mm, removable. Is the rear bumper a massive scrap of steel rod with a diameter of 25 mm. Machine is equipped with a spare wheel, 20-liter Jerry can for water, a shovel. All fixed on the sides of the machine outside, but inside still fit an axe, hammer, reserve fuel tank 18 l, tow rope, Jack.
Salon motocare not only no-frills, but we can say that ascetic: there are only two full-size seats for driver and one passenger. Behind their backs, wheel wells, can (of course without special facilities) to accommodate two teenagers.
welded Steel power frame
welded Steel frame body:
1 — the main spar (tube 1 1/2″, 2 PCs.), 2 — cross member sub-frame (tube to 1/2″); 3 — flange of the bumper (sheet s3, 2 PCs.), 4 — longitudinal sub-frame (area 20×20); 5 — floor cross member (area 20×20, 2); 6 — additional spar (area 20×20, 2); 7 — front counter (area 20×20, 2); 8 — threshold (area 20×20, 2); 9 — panel windshield (sheet s2); 10 — windshield frame (pipe 1/2″); 11 — cross beam (pipe 1 1/2″)’, 12 — medium oblique strut (tube 1 1/2″, 2); 13 — jumper (tube 1/2″, 2 PCs.); 14 — arc (pipe 1 1/2”); 15 — stringer side walls (area 20×20, 2 PCs); 16 — rear beam (pipe 60×40); 17 — rear crossmember (area 20×20); 18 — brace (pipe 1/2”, 2 PCs.); 19 — rear strut (area 20×20, 2 PCs); 20 —the arc of the wheel housing (area 20×20, 4 pieces); 21 — a back suspension bracket; 22 — mounting bracket main gear (sheet s4, 2 PCs.); 23 — front suspension bracket (area 20×20, 2); 24 — an arm of fastening of levers of control (sheet s4, 2 PCs); 25 — the threshold (area 20×20, 2); 26 — Klondike (sheet s3. 2)
an Arrangement of basic components and assemblies
Layout of the main components and assemblies:
1 — fan (GAZ-51, 2 items); 2 — the power unit (from a motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter”); 3 — the expendable fuel tank capacity 3 l; 4 — silencer (homemade pipe O100); 5 — lever kick starter (motorized wheelchairs, modified); 6 — gear (lever, rod and arm, from motorized wheelchairs); 7 — chain tensioner (Shoe and spring, pipe); 8 — mechanism of reverse speed lever. pull, lever — motorized); 9 — Carter of the main transfer (from a cargo scooter “Ant”); 10 — beam front axle (from sidecar); 11 — the ignition coil (motorized); 12 – battery 12 V (car); 13 — tool box; 14 – drive circuit (t = 15,785, from agricultural machinery). 15 — steering equipment (motorized); 16 — electric motor of the drive mechanism of the wiper(from the tractor); 17 — reserve fuel tank 18 liters (motorized), 18 radius

Under the driver’s seat is the reserve fuel tank of 20 liters, under seat battery and tool kit. On the dashboard — only the most necessary devices and sensors. Controls: clutch, brake and “gas” — as the conventional car — using the pedals. Brakes — hydraulic all-wheel drive. Drive hand brake cable and on the rear wheels only.
Total length motocare is only 2,2 m (400 mm less than that of the progenitor-motorized), width 1265 mm, height 1420 mm, track width 1150 mm, base -1500 mm, ground clearance — 200 mm Small size, short wheelbase, high ground clearance allow the car to cross on bezdorozhe like a real jeep. The engine allows speeds up to 80 km/h, but it becomes too noisy, so the optimum speed is 55 — 60 km/h.
In the past, the motorcar was used even for trips to the neighboring region for many tens and even hundreds of kilometers, for such a machine — the path is not close, but every time she put up with him.
Now nakhalenok (so nicknamed mischievous boy, one of the personages of Sholokhov”s works is familiar to all) is mainly used for pleasure trips and son Maxim. He also took great interest in the vehicles and he himself gathered from different units of a good mini-mokik (son and his wife near motokura pictured in the Intro).
The car took part in festivals “SamAvto” in recent years, which were marked with diplomas and different prizes. But most of all her attention, of course, teenagers.

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