HER BEAUTYIn the years of childhood and adolescence is particularly important that a person found, felt, realized in a human beauty, through the admiration of the beautiful, humane in itself. Via beautiful — humane is the law of education.


V. Sukhomlinsky

Two months later, on VDNH USSR will open another exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth — NTTM-78, dedicated to the XVIII Congress of the Komsomol and the 60th anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol. And again in the spacious halls lined up as on parade, the best works of the youth of our country and the countries of the socialist Commonwealth.
Remember the exhibition NTTM past years. Then there just was not: the most complicated machines, transport equipment and experimental designs, sophisticated household appliances and items of applied art, beautiful and fashionable clothes and shoes, kitchenware and even toys.
Together with young engineers and designers in the creation of these exhibits have working artists and designers, to translate the technical ideas of the authors in a modern aesthetic form.
Who’s the designer? Specializing in this interesting and still quite a rare profession?
On the pages of our journal have described the laboratory of “Young designer” in effect at CCUT of the RSFSR. We wrote about the first achievements of the best work on the tasks that their Pets heads the laboratory of T. M. Isichenko and A. Kondratyev. A little more than a year, and during that time the team of young designers have creatively matured, began to address more “solid” and large-scale tasks, boldly look into the future. Proof? They are represented at the fourth exhibition of young artists-designers. (Photos from the exhibition placed on 2-3rd page of the tab.)
Still the significant place in creativity of children take various projects various off-road equipment. But as it expanded the range of their Hobbies! How seriously started peeping in their projects socially useful direction.
Here is one of the most interesting and extensive development — bus project. On four sheets of this, the scheme is in three planes, the seat and the driver’s cab, the design of the seats, the individual nodes.
The author of the original machine, grader at Moscow school No. 180 Vladimir Alexandrov, said:
— I have to travel a lot by bus, at least here on ZCUT, Bibirevo, where I live. And apparently, that hinders in the way of what I face daily, and have suggested to try to come up with more beautiful and comfortable minibus.
Of course, all that was linked on these tablets, acquired a complete form is not immediately. First of all, I came to the conclusion that this car must be something of a cross between a well-known minibus “Latvia” and by regular bus. Its routes, I think, should be made where the passenger flows are small, and therefore large vehicle turns out to be unprofitable. My bus and require less fuel, and traffic flows of the modern city such a brisk and compact car to slip much easier.
I began, oddly enough, not with the main chassis, body, visibility, and private — design seats. Those offered in the project have many advantages over serial. And first of all they are simple technology. Frame — bent pipe — attached locks to the plastic covered floor of the body, the mosaic of separate plates. Removed the seat easily together with the plate on which it is installed, so in case of breakage it simple to replace. Many had to Tinker with the back. Its fence is not traditional: the frame has a bend at an angle. What gives? First, passengers will not be hurt by impact or sudden stop; second, easier to hold those who stand in the passage; third, you can hang hooks for bags and umbrellas. Seat foam-filled, and the top is upholstered in faux leather.
Draft combine harvesters on the basis of the electric vehicle. Author Sergei Parfenov (9th grade).
The draft combine harvesters on the basis of the electric vehicle. Author Sergei Parfenov (9th grade).

From the desire to make the journey more pleasant and interesting is the fact that my bus are the large Windows and the upper tier of the roof is also of glass. It is not always possible to take a seat by the window, and side Windows in the roof give a good overview of the standing passengers.
I really wanted to comfortably equip the driver’s cabin. Like most modern buses, it is separated from the lounge large glass. Soft, comfortable swivel chair is equipped with wide armrests. At bus stops the driver’s hands are on the armrests, he is resting. The wheel less traditional. It mounted speedometer. Other devices, as usual, on the front panel. On the right I had a small trunk: here may lie some things the driver schedule, bus passes, etc.
On the project Volodya worked for about six months, and I must say, successfully. On
the exhibition of his project everyone loved the originality.
And yet he said that this year he is graduating and is going to take the examination at the Higher school of industrial art, the art school, and four years of work in the laboratory to become a serious school, gave the basic knowledge, skills and abilities that will help him to realize his dream of becoming an artist-designer.
Here is another project — gusenichnye Rover. Its author, the eighth-grader Igor Markov was interested in not just the creation of unusual machines. He asked a specific purpose: to design a versatile vehicle that is required for the construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline, or for the development of remote areas of the far North. All-terrain vehicle, in addition to caterpillar tracks and skis, which increase its permeability, reducing the size of virgin snow. When it’s time to thaw and skis lose their practical utility, they can easily raise that they do not interfere with the movement. All-terrain vehicle is used to transport people and cargo delivery.
Now look at the development of the combine — despite the purely “rural” name, purely urban machine. This combine harvester — a mechanical wiper, is indispensable on our streets. Came up with his ninth-Sergei Parfenov. The machine can work with various mounting devices, through which turns the blower, the dust and the garbage truck, watering unit. The main thing, in our opinion, its advantage is that it is designed on the basis of the electric vehicle and therefore maintains a clean environment, not polluting the air with exhaust gases. Externally, mechanical and janitor looks very attractive: compact, modern form.
Electronic watch — a project of the ninth-grader Dima Nikolaev
Electronic watch — a project of the ninth-grader Dima Nikolaev
Great success of the exhibition projects of household appliances. For example, an electronic watch (project author is the student of 9th class Dima Nikolaev). They are unusual, quite unlike the usual rectangles and trapezoids with the light up numbers that can be found everywhere. These outdoor watches are more like a floor lamp. Curved flexible leg-stand allows you to rotate the dial in any direction, a big ball of clockwork shows the date, day of week, hour and minute.
The students also created projects color portable TV, various modern table lamps and many other interesting things.
Inquisitive childish idea finds its “features” and in the seemingly mundane. Say, what else can you think in such ancient inventions of man, as pot, kettle, frying pan? But the young designers have created dozens of original variants of kitchen utensils, most unexpected in purpose, form, color. Have you ever thought, for example, ever, what color should be camping kettle — not just a kettle, namely Hiking? Unlikely… But Sutovsky took the time and reflect about it. And that’s what happened. White will blend in with the snow if you drop it into a ski trip; red is lost in the fallen leaves; green is any clear — in the summer in the woods or in the field in two steps will not notice. Blue? Well, of course, blue! In nature this color in its pure form is rare, except in Vasilkov Yes, forget-me-nots. But the skillet? The young designer Nina Shcherbakova invented the pan not the traditional round shape, but rectangular, with walls, two-piece to it at the same time you could cook meat and fish or to warm up a complex side dish of, say, potatoes and green peas.
Originality of thinking guys, the reasonableness of their developments we have noted, even when they wrote about the previous show. Today the work of the laboratory has risen to a new level — now almost all projects are a real embodiment in the layout. Prototyping has become an integral part of artistic design. Young designers sculpt from clay beautiful pots and pans, glue of paper complex models of trucks and all-terrain vehicles, buses and rigs. Drawing with the tablet comes to life, transformed from planar images in real design. Almost at this stage of the creative process is no different from production.
Still the show was a lot of font and colour compositions, posters, packaging. A large series of elegant colorful posters was dedicated to the glorious anniversary of our country — the 60th anniversary of the Great October revolution.
The desire to make in our daily lives, rationality and modernity, beauty and convenience is subject to all the laboratory activities.
Now, when the first plan along with tasks of increasing the efficiency of production and put forward the task of improving product quality, artistic design takes on a serious social significance. Soon we will see the first positive results of work of sections and laboratories of young designers who are raising the younger generation of artistic taste, giving the basics of professional skills, extending knowledge of children in various fields of science and technology.
Fast time flies… And certainly among brilliantly crafted, characterized by perfection of forms and exterior exhibits for future exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of youth will take their rightful place and the work of artists, designers, received a start in life in the laboratory, and the circles of young designers.