TWO ASSISTANTSOur tractor is small and simple. And although it is still unnamed (“workaholic” for several years), but trouble free. Thanks to him and the son willingly helps with the housework. The engine “traktorista” scooter “Tourist”. Gear from a cargo scooter, reversible. Differential — GAZ-52, turned to the limit on a lathe. The frame is welded from steel area number of 7.5. The steering column and the gear lever (reverse switch) – cable — GAZ-21. Engine trim — plywood. The fuel tank is mounted on the subframe on the engine and covers it like a hood. The front wheels from agricultural equipment, their track 580 mm. At the rear wheels (UAZ-469) this parameter can be adjusted from 540 to 800 mm offset wheel hubs for the axles. Plowing the land to produce a single plow. To cut furrows for planting potatoes using two blade cultivator. Dig the potatoes one by Hiller.
A. LOMAKIN, Artem, Primorsky Krai