IL-18Four-passenger aircraft Il-18 was designed at OKB Ilyushin in 1956 4 July 1957 the prototype it with TVD NK-4 first took to the sky. It was designed to carry 75 passengers. In October of the same year Moscow plant № 30 was built the first production Il-18 for 89. In March 1958 completed factory and in August of the same year joint tests in NII VVS. In September, the Il-18A was exhibited at the world exhibition in Brussels, where he received a Gold medal. In the same month, the airliner has successfully completed the state testing.

From November 1958, production was Il-18B, with a more reliable turboprop engine, AI-20. The first flight with passengers took place on 20 April 1959, from January 1960 these cars are to work on international lines.
In the subsequent mass production of passenger Il-18V (89 seats, the later 100 and 110, the later series – with TMD AI-20K), Il-18D (65 seats, with turboprop engine, AI-20M and increased range) and Il-18E (122 seats), as well as military Il-18T (120 soldiers or 69 lying wounded and two medics).
These machines for many years flown on domestic and international lines. From November 1959 they were exported; Il-18 was operated in 12 countries.
Il-18 was installed, a number of international records.
The last Il-18 was in the air force of Russia, China and North Korea prior to 2007
These Il-18D. A wing span of 37.4 m, its area is 140 m2. The length of the plane at 35.9 m. empty Weight – 35 000 kg, takeoff -64 000 kg Maximum speed – 675 km/h, cruising -625 km/h service ceiling – 9000 m, the maximum range is 6,500 km. the Crew – five men, 65 passengers.

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