VORONEZH: THE DESIGNERS OF THE TWELFTHThe wheel for the last time, pushed himself away from the strip, An-24 cool lifted her nose, the bright lights of the Voronezh airport began to rapidly fall down and in a minute disappeared into the thick cloud of turbidity. The place I was very lucky — it was just in the area of engines; breaking away from the blades vortices of evil drumming on the hull, causing it to vibrate.

“And here standing waves?” — helpful memory on the screen of a CRT, revealed the original device, made by children from one of the Voronezh schools…
It was washed until transparent tube fluorescent lamp, half full of a reddish liquid. The motor rotated the crank a simple vibrator why is horizontal glass cylinder rhythmically fluctuated. The line of the boundary “liquid — air” lined up in the quaint curved and, like harden, to freeze.
The appliance demonstrator “standing waves” proved to be an indispensable tool in physics lessons, — says Alexander Martynovich Lelica, the teacher of n “part-time”, but rather, at the behest of the soul, the head of the circle of young technicians. Such works in the twelfth middle school of Voronezh dozens, perhaps even hundreds. Small room up to the ceiling em — arrangements, visual AIDS, space vehicles. And in each something new, original, inherent in school-CB twelve.
Meeting with Lalica can not be deposited in memory. It affects absolutely serious perception in a childlike delight of the boys from each new ideas and the belief that it must grow really creative person. Faith, which was the target.
Probably not NN one of infantile project, which he indifferently shrugged. Offer, for example, members of the circle: let’s make a movie screen with a light reflecting surface made up of water jets. Circle argument boils present research work, pick up pipe, determine the flow area of the holes for jets, find out regularities of liquid outflow through a narrow slit.
I think, — confidently says Alexander Martynovich. We drop the boy on an interesting idea and then forget about it, and after a while, you see, and suddenly you can remember it, but as his own insight. Sometimes a simple piece of iron, found in scrap metal, will raise something have read and accept this child’s mind as its own decision. And whether you want to dissuade? Better to let the young researcher will get deep in your problem, you’ll get the primary result. After already there is hardly a retarder, is able to stop the ongoing chain reaction of creativity. Then it is possible to tell, who in the past over this problem worked out what happened…
To understand how these pedagogical principles embodied in the practical case, is, apparently, a chance to talk more about some of the students Foreign their simplicity in no way should not disappoint. For example, a demonstration lens with variable optical power: cylindrical cell with a base-circles of thin plexiglass. Between them filled with glycerin at the side of the cell as a pump adapted conventional medical syringe. Pumping liquid into the cavity of the lens or sucking her within a certain range to change the focal length. Moreover, the lens can be both gathering and scattering.
These visual AIDS, perhaps the main hobby of students. In addition to its main purpose — help the school work are of great importance for the knowledge of the guys of the world around them: because it is impossible to build a device that demonstrates a certain physical law, without doskonalenie knowledge of the law itself, and those that go with it.
Atomistika perhaps the most difficult to understand science. Well, in fact, how to demonstrate to pupils the atom, molecule, electron cloud, the nuclear reaction in a uranium boiler? But the irrepressible imagination of club members and their leader helped to see these invisible even with an electron microscope objects N. phenomenon.
Here in an alcove of a small box of hot sardeli crimson dots the nuclei of atoms; they around obscure mist swirls concentric spheres of the electron cloud. I have the feeling that you surround animation, not an Electromechanical device, so strong the illusion of authenticity.
He’s one-eyed monster? Click the toggle switch, and eye — opening on the surface of a sphere resembling a soccer ball, brightly lit. Another click, there was a small buzz, light whistle and the window on the screen, began to be faced and randomly changing direction and speed, dozens of plastic balls. It works setting that a few years ago did the senior V. Zaporozhets, A. Zysin and A. Aznauryan. It illustrates the behavior of gas molecules and liquid. The device is extremely simple and consists of only the blower, handfuls of foam balls and glass ball with light. But the effect!
It may give the impression that the guys from twelfth school only interested in the manufacture of the devices directly connected with the educational process. This is not so. The boys made and talking (and listening, walking, etc.) of the robot with the traditional name “Electron” Gena the crocodile, sang to her own accompaniment the familiar song. Those same boys were the first, when youth of the Voronezh newspaper “Young Communard” issued the call: “Give minicar!”
One summer day, opening the newspaper guys saw under his favorite category “Home designer” article, which describes the design minicar, was given recommendations on its production and in conclusion it was proposed to organize in Voronezh school competition in downhill slides with asphalt. Not to say that the article found immediate response. It and is clear: the July holidays, a lot of boys at this time in the city? But the twelfth is the twelfth: pet A. M. Lerici, a disciple of the then seventh grade Sasha Kuznetsov in a relatively short time built the first in Voronezh minicar. But… one swallow does not a spring make for the competition requires at least half a dozen motorless cars. The guys tried, in a hurry, but when the number of minicarb was sufficient for the “racing slides” quietly came the fall.
What was there left to wait for summer? But not dry for the long winter months the creative passion of young designers? Why not hold a race in winter? And by the time when the cold came and the snow fell, at the initiative, of course, the guys from twelve schools made by that time in the city minicar have “shoes” for winter fashion up to the runners. For those who haven’t taken the job, recommended to immediately shift to sahakari — driven sled.
And the work began. The organizing Committee included representatives of the city Committee of the Komsomol, the newspaper “Young Kommunar”, GAI and the others, as they say, “the interested organizations”.
The first competition showed that malceski fell in love with a new kind of technical sports. Well, still quite a respectable situation of real competition: the jury, the technical Commission, competition and enthusiastic fans! What sahakari arrived to the track: from the simplest, made from baby sleds to a solid resembling racing cars; from the heavy, welded steel pipes, to the lightest — made of aluminum and wood.
It is important to note that almost all of them were made in school groups under the guidance of teachers work, or at stations of young technicians. This is to some extent possible to standardize the dimensions of the braking device and the control system.
The participation of representatives of the traffic police in the organizing Committee are allowed to enter as a competition and an exam on the rules of traffic. In addition, the Inspectorate has also undertaken the technical support of the competition. Without the help of GAI, it was hardly possible to find a helmet for “racers” and radio megaphones.
The first meeting was followed by others, each cover an increasing range of schools in the city, engaged new members.
In promoting competition at sahakara great merit of the city Committee of the Komsomol. Had a lot of work and the newspaper “Young Kommunar” under the heading “Home designer” has regularly published articles with drawings and recommendations for construction of snegokatov, published records of the past competitions, summarized experience and discussed the problems of “sneakersfree”. Ivan Timofeevich Demchenko — the permanent host of the “Home designer” — demonstrated outstanding organizational skills to implement new technical sport in schools of Voronezh.
Today, every second school is their designs on a city-wide competition, and in turn participation and students region. What attracts the boys in these competitions? And Lelita A. M., and I. T. Demchenko, and other organizers of the competitions “snegokatov” note first of all three circumstances. First, what sahakari made entirely with his own hands, because the design of the sled is quite simple; second, important and equal opportunities for participants of different age groups, as the results mainly depend on the constructive perfection of the sled and the skill of the athlete, not from its power. And finally, thirdly, the natural boyish excitement, or rather, a very fertile ground for its application.
The first opens a wide scope for technical creativity, gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand the merits or shortcomings of the units of the machine, built with their own hands. A simple example. Snowy trail with steep turns forced young designers to abandon unsustainable trehlistnyj of snegokatov in favor of better “road holding” chetyrehlistnyj. Refused and undercuts — metal plates mounted on the soles of the ski and improves the handling of the sled, but it creates excessive resistance to movement. The appeared moving skis, copying the behavior of the skier on the turn, that is, lean inside the turn.
The second and equally important. Lately, more frequent press reports about experimental mixed-age groups in summer camps, student brigades, where in the foreground, on the one hand, custody of the senior over the Junior and, on the other hand, an exciting opportunity for a Junior to feel something of equal senior.
On the third and can not speak — a purely sporting rivalry between the boys is here in direct competition technical wins best design. However, this returns us to the beginning of our discussion and completely fits in the concept and the teaching methods practiced in the twelfth Voronezh school.
…Moscow met the piercing wind and snow grains. Going down the airplane ladder, I noticed that it is somehow unusual rocks. Approaching the fence that separates the airfield from the station, I looked back and realized what it was. Past me with a hornet buzzing drove self-propelled ladder mounted on a conventional electric car. Electric car… Again “Voronezh” Association! Who knows, maybe the day is near when, instead of the call to “Give minicar!” in “Young Kommunar” can be read: “Give us electric cars!” Well, it is not excluded. Voronezh already thinking about self-propelled machinery.
I. EVSTRATOV, our special. Q. Voronezh

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