Where to buy banknotes

Where to buy banknotesToday, the collecting of banknotes, which is also called bonistika is one of the most popular types of Hobbies. The prevalence of notaphily is due to availability of collection material, because banknotes are always easy to buy and sell.


Every collector builds his collection in a certain pattern. Principles of collections can be divided in the following areas:

• Collecting different banknotes of all countries;
• Collecting paper money of a particular state;
• Collecting of banknotes, which are common in a certain area (the African colonies, CIS, etc.)
• Collecting paper money with defined images (animals, machines, weapons);
• Collecting banknotes by the material from which they are made. A very popular hobby is collecting polymer Bank notes.


All these areas are easily mixed and combined, forming new principles of notaphily.
Buying collectable banknotes it is necessary to observe certain precautions to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Banknotes can be bought in online stores, from sellers in the collector’s clubs and forums, auctions on the Internet. If you sell the banknotes it is necessary first to inquire about their market value from disinterested experts. When buying banknotes note on their preservation and rarity.

Auction forum collectors and other auctions online. If you decide to purchase banknotes in this way, it is first necessary to carefully examine the reputation of the seller. If the seller has already spent a lot of transactions and has many positive reviews, then surely you can trust him. If the seller on this forum does not have sales, you can ask him to present recommendations from other auctions. Scammers in these forums are rare, but such troubles as defective packaging or delay by the seller, can not be avoided.

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