CUT GLASSI am sure that many Amateur automakers in the manufacture of machines are faced with the problem of glazing of the body. Most of them come of the situation, “tied” to the size and shape of automotive glass, used in used on production models. I dare to undertake the furnishing of “jeep” glass type laminated glass cut at the required dimensions independently. This used the diamond cutter. On both sides of the triplex drew them risks which rattled up to the appearance of a crack along the entire length. Then remove the part warmed by the flame of a spirit lamp. Connecting the layers of the laminated film was reheated, which allowed us to pull pieces of glass to. tion between the gap. Then I have to cut the film with a sharp knife, and the uneven glass edges to be dulled with sandpaper.

This method is quite easy and productive; but it is only good for those who have a great experience the usual glass works, only an experienced master can give a guarantee that when tapping, the crack will go in the right direction. Therefore, ruining a few glasses, I went through a more complex way, produced the improvised special machine.
The use of the machine allows not only to minimize the reject rate, but to cut glass with a small curvature. For use not need special qualifications. The only drawback — low productivity, but in terms of the unit of production, it does not matter.
A device for cutting laminated glass consists of two parts: the fixed frame and movable thereon carriage with cutters. Frame is welded from steel angles 50×50 mm steel pipe with a diameter of 48 mm.
The carriage is a simple device, moving the vertical bar of the frame on three wheels-coils. As cutting tools are used store-bought Kostova-ditch the saw blade with diamond coating. Cloths cut with scissors on metal under the screws they drilled holes. In addition, to the upright frame clamps using strip of porous rubber mounted and glass blanks.
A device for cutting laminated glass
A device for cutting laminated safety glass:
1 – horizontal support (angle steel 50×50), 2 — vertical rack (angle steel 50×50, 2 PCs.), 3 — treated glass, 4 — clamp (3 piece), 5 — horizontal connection (angle steel 50×50, 2 PCs.), 6 — guide rail (steel pipe 0 to 48), 7 sheave (steel, 2pcs), 8 — nylon-cord 0 6.9 to the carriage Assembly, 10 — bracing (steel strip 50×2), 11 — clamp-limiter (2 PCs), 12 — opposed.


I — torch holder (steel, 2pcs), 2 — compression spring (2 PCs.), 3 — bushing (Teflon, 4 PCs.), 4 — cylinder (steel pipe 28×1, 2 PCs.), 5 — bracket secondary coil (steel area 45×45, 2 PCs.), 6 — bracket the upper and lower coils (steel area 45×45, 2 pieces) 7 — washer (steel, 2pcs), 8 mount bracket (steel rod 0 12,2 PCs.) 9 — axis coil (M12, 3 pieces). 10 — bracket (steel pipe 0 27), 11 — coil (steel, 3 PCs.), 12 — cross connection (steel pipe 0 27), 13 — tension spring (2 PCs), 14 — rail of the frame, 15 — treated glass, 16 — pin-retainer (steel wire 0 2, 2), 17 — cutter (saw blade, diamond-coated, 2 PCs.).

The glass is cut simultaneously from both sides. Force cutters to it is regulated by the tension of the springs. To avoid bias, which is unacceptable, move the slider up and down should be by means of a cord over two pulleys. To facilitate the work is unloading the counterweight. Two clamps are installed on the rack, are used as travel limiters. During operation, the section line is abundantly moistened with water of a foam sponge.
“Propili” glass remains a knife to cut the tape. Heating is not required, since the gap is quite wide.
If the angles of the triplex needs to be rounded, it is done consistent with the circumcision of tangents and then trimming the edges on the sandpaper.
Made in this way glazing my car is working well for two years.
V. BEZRUKOV, Elektrougli town, Moscow region.

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