ELECTROSHOCKSometimes the house master when performing any repair or maintenance work is to explore the dark, and even hard-to-reach place that will not push a normal portable lamp. In this case, helps out a small candle and even ordinary match, but often the conditions do not allow the use of open flames: fire or by circumstances, or because of the possibility to ruin something that needs to be seen.

Would be bailed out in this situation, a miniature electric torch, but it is not everyone has to hand in when used from case to case it to buy something and is it worth it?. Meanwhile, there is a solution, and simple and cheap to make in a few minutes so svetilnik yourself.

And all it needs is a light bulb 1.5 volt battery (AA cell) of the same value. And do not have to run behind them into the store — they can borrow from existing consumer electronic devices (watches, remote control tools, cameras, etc.). Still need cut (length 70-80 mm) mounting wire insulation Yes the cap from the tube of toothpaste. But these materials are certainly there in the farm home of the wizard.

The design of the flashlight is simple, is clear from the picture and tell about it’s not necessary. We need only add that the revision is subject only to the cap from the tube.

Nest under a galvanic cell it is desirable to perform such that the element was part of the tension. The hole for the bulb should be drilled with a diameter only slightly larger than the inner diameter of the thread on the base. Screwing the bulb into the hole, it should be holding it by the base (not the glass container), pre-lubricated contact surfaces with a soap solution. The ends of the wires before mounting it is necessary to expose and clean up. After Assembly of electroshock loose end of the wire is fixed on the battery with a rubber ring or tape. The battery in the cap, insert the positive pole.


Electroshock (a variant of the flashlight; b — in the form of light)

Electroshock (a variant of the flashlight; b — in the form of light):

1 lamp E10 (1.5 V); 2 — modified the cap from the tube; 3 — AA cell AAA (1.5 V); 4 — conductor connector (insulated copper wire, L75); 5 — ring-holder (rubber or sticky tape); 6 — a support (conductive material)

To activate the flashlight, the battery is clamped between two fingers like a cigarette, and the free end of the contact is pressed to its negative pole with the thumb.

And again. Ambient light light bulb flashlight without a reflector of such radiation from the flame of a candle, although somewhat weaker. But for the normal view and it is enough to produce “voluminous” information about surrounding objects in a dark room. In addition, this light does not interfere with the adaptation of vision to the darkness and almost no effect on videohomemade during the transition from lit to unlit spaces.

This glow flashlight (besides electricity and fireproof) provides the possibility of using it as electroshock-night-light. For this we need to find a suitable stand made of non-conductive material and drill holes in it a blind hole the diameter of the batteries. In this case, the contact of the conductor with the negative pole of the battery will be under the weight of the flashlight.

V. ZELENOV, Voronezh

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