PAINT WITHOUT SECRETSAssortment of paints (coatings) are currently quite wide, and therefore, in such a variety without the advice quite difficult to understand. Get expert advice from the seller not always possible.

Each LMB is set to the name in the form of cipher consisting of consecutive groups of characters, for example, “Enamel PF-153 blue”.
The first group of digits is the name of the LKM, for example, “paint”, “putty”, “enamel”, “funtovo”.
The second group of characters (two or three uppercase letters) indicates the chemical nature of the film-forming substance. In this example, PF — pentaftalevye, this is the film former in the enamel.
Here are some of them: GF — means “pipaliya”, that is, coating materials for epoxy resins; VA— polyvinyl acetate; XB — perchlorovinyl; NTS means that nitrocellulose is a film-forming, or rather, dinitrocellulose — the first artificial polymer; CZK means that the foaming agent in the paint is rubber; KO— silicone resins, etc.
The third sign in the cipher, consisting of one or two digits and separated from the previous group by a dash indicates the recommended area of application:
1 — weather resistant; 2 resistant indoors; 3 — for the preservation of metal products; 4—resistant to hot water; 5 is a special, unusual uses (for leather, rubber, reflective, to scare away rodents, etc.); 6 — resistant to petroleum products; 7 — resistant to aggressive media; 8 — resistant; 9 — insulating; 0 — soil; 00 — putty.
Coating materials of any group can be used for other purposes. For example, heat-resistant coatings used for electrical insulation circuits, or for corrosion protection, that is, the number after the dash indicates the predominant purpose of the material.
The fourth group of digits indicates the serial number of the paint. It may consist of one or three digits. For example, the enamel KO-1112 —enamel, in which the film-forming base — silicone resin, weather resistant, serial number is 112; lacquer SC-228 — the basis of nitrocellulose, persistent indoors, the serial number 28.
There is an exception to this rule: oil paints the fourth group indicates the kind of varnish, which prepared with paint. Figure 1 indicates that natural linseed oil is used. For example, the words “Paint the MA-15 green” means: oil paint, green, cooked on natural drying oil and is intended for outdoor use.
Figure 2 indicates a drying oil oksol and is used for internal works. The number 3 means the varnish glyptal, 4 — pentaftalevye and 5 combined.
If the paint pigment is present in the same species, instead of the words “paint” the name of this pigment. For example, the words “zinc White MA-22,” means that this oil paint made with linseed oil oksol and is for use indoors.
Examples of combinations of colors
Examples of combinations of colors
The figure for non paint allowed after the serial number to add the prefix (one or two capital letters), characterising some features of paint material. For example, “enamel PF-218ХС” means pentaftalevyh enamel designed for interior work, the serial number which 18, the drying at room temperature. This temperature is considered cold, and coatings, drying under these conditions, materials are called cold drying. Other letter indices signify: GS — hot drying, PG — low Flammability, NG — non-combustible, M forms a matte coating, PM — semimatte, VE contains water emulsified in the foaming agent.
Provided, and the fifth group of characters that indicates the paint color and written words. For example, “Enamel PF-266 yellow-brown”.
In addition to the main group of characters there is a support group consisting of one or two capital letters, set in front of the second group and separated from it by a dash. For example, “Paint e-VA-17”. This entry indicates the water-based facet, the film former is polyvinyl acetate, used for external works, the serial number, its 7.
The most durable silica-organic coating materials. They are intended for colouring any materials used to make the outer fence of the house, such as concrete, brick, clay, lime and cement plasters, wood, ceramic tile. Coatings of silica-organic L KM have a very high weather. Currently available “Paint OOM-3 white”. The abbreviation means “silica-organic material”.
In second place on atmosfernosti bones are organosilicon coating materials. The sale comes three enamel KO-168-174 KO-1112 assorted colors.
In third place at the weather — coating materials, which are film-forming are based on poliarity. EU polymers, which include well-known organic glass. Commercially available water-based paint e-AK-111 white e-AK-222Р and varnish AK-156.
In recent times water-based paint pressed oil. First, the latex paint is cheaper. Second, at room temperature, they dry quickly — in just an hour or two. Thirdly, the remains of paint easier to wash off the working tool. And for removing paint from a painted surface sufficiently moistened with water to smooth out the newspaper on the surface to be cleaned, and wait until the paper dries. Then the newspaper carefully separated with the old paint. It is important that during the drying of the paint stand out only water vapor and very little organic matter. In addition, water-based paints can cover both dry and wet surfaces.
A few words must be said about the linseed oil. Linseed oil need not only for paint. Based on it is prepared as the binder putty, putty, it is impregnated with wood to improve water-resistance And primed surface before painting. Distinguish between natural and artificial drying oils.
The best drying oils are natural, obtained by boiling linseed oil with oxidising agents. Concede to them on quality of linseed oil of hempseed, sunflower and other vegetable oils. In recent times, there are semi-natural drying oils, IMO, oksol, sulfonal.
Natural linseed oil is used for making paints, and as a standalone material for painting works.
The seminatural drying oil is used for dilution of paints for all painting interior and exterior work, except in cases where it is used only natural linseed oil.
Linseed oil, sulfonal need for cultivation heavy-bodied paints only dark tones. Glyptal drying oil is used for dilution of paints for external and internal works.
Linseed oil oksol is manufactured in the following grades: In and PV. From drying oil of stamp In it is possible to prepare paints for interior and exterior, from the varnish of the brand PV — only for internal.
And the last one. Natural linseed oil paint can be made all destinies, including the most important — painting floors. Of oksol drying oil paint for floors can’t do that.
Yu MUSAEV, Novosibirsk, Russia

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