AND A SOFA AND THE BEDAs a regular reader of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor”, I would like to thank the editors for publishing materials of interest. Particularly attracted to me and my family section “Club home of the masters”. Put here the development and the advice of the craftsmen led to the creation of his own furniture, convenient for a small living space. I want to share the design rasklade on sofa that is for us to rest and sleep. In the folded position, its width less than one meter, and in the spread increases to almost 1.2 meters. Basic materials — sheets, chipboard, hardboard, boards, sticks, foam with upholstery fabric.


The sofa consists of a box-base, two sidewalls, a back, a retractable frame on three rollers and pillows. Box dimensions mm 1800x650x255 collected from bars 45×45 mm., the Joints transverse and longitudinal bars planted on the glue (carpenter’s, PVA). At the joints of the bars to strengthen a metal corners. Front and back sides-box base upholstered MDF panels, the sides with panels of chipboard sheets, the top of which perform the role of guides for pull-out frame.
The sides of the sofa are the frame, covered with sheets of fiberboard, which is placed on top of the foam and all is covered with a decorative cloth. The front end is closed by a plywood plank, also covered with a decorative fabric. Both sides are attached with M8 bolts to the box-the base of the sofa.
Sofa bed
The sofa bed (A “day option”, selected;—A”night” option, separated, stacked with pillows; view from the side the left side is not shown):
1 — pillow (6 PCs); 2 — side panel (second mirror); 3 — base; 4 — back; 5 — the sliding block; 6 —furniture wheel (3 PCs.)

Side panel left
Side panel left (right mirror—inverted):
1 — upholstery fabric, 2 — foam; 3 — siding (hardboard with cloth); 4 — cross member of the frame (rack); 5 — wooden side panel to frame; 6 — cover

The main elements of the sofa bed
The main elements of the sofa bed:
1 — side; 2 — the frame of the backrest; 3 — side panel of the base; 4 — frame base; 5 — frame sliding unit; 6 — the covering (hardboard); 7 — area gain frame; 8 — screw; 9 — screws; 10 — wheel bracket; 11 — furniture wheel; 12 — wheel axle; 13 — piano hinge; 14 — stopper

The back is assembled from longitudinal and transverse bars and covered the back side of the fiberboard. The box is the base mounted on a piano hinge.
The extendable frame also collected from bars and padded top and front side fiberboard; the latter still covered in decorative cloth. Pushed the frame out of the box on rails, on three rollers, all the way to the frame of the box-base locking device — a metal plate or metal attached to the bottom corner.
Pillow size 100x580x600 mm — foam rubber covered with fabric. Kit-six pieces.
A. ARASLANOV, village of Shira, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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