Mi-2To develop a single-rotor Mi-2 helicopter with two turboshaft engines, designed to replace Mi-1, launched in 1960, its First flight took place in September 1961 Serial production began in 1963 in Poland at the PZL Swidnik factory and lasted until 1992 Only built more than 5250 helicopters. Mi-2 can accommodate eight passengers or four stretcher patients and accompanying persons, and on an external sling carries a weight of 800 kg. On the basis of Mi-2 created more than 20 models, including military.

Mi-2 now form the basis of a national Park light helicopters. However, by the beginning of 2006, of the 583 machines belonging to the state, operated only 21 percent of the machines. Mil im. Mil proposed the modernization of Mi-2 by replacement of engines, in particular, at 220 Allison C20B. It was planned at the plant “Rostvertol”.
Engines GTD-350 with capacity 400 HP rotor Diameter is 14.5 m long and 11.4 m Height 3,75 m maximum takeoff Weight — 3700 kg, normal — 3550 kg. empty Weight — 2350 kg Mass of payload normal — 900 kg, maximum 1000 kg propellant Mass 465 kg., the maximum Speed — 210 km/h, cruising — 190 km/h; dynamic Ceiling — 4000 m, static — 1700 m. Range practical — 395 km, ferry — 620 km. the Crew — 1 person

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