The characteristic trend is clearly revealed held in the summer of 1978 the VI all-Russian meeting of young rationalizers and engineers: in many rural schools children are actively engaged in the mechanization of labor on their educational sites. At the gathering, devoted to the 60th anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol young technicians from many regions and republics brought all kinds of tools and machines to facilitate agricultural labor. From motociclo and matatapos to small tractors of various schemes and designs is the range of the current Hobbies of students in rural (rural!) schools.


Showed ka rally his job and the guys from Ust-Lukovskoy high school Ordynsky district of the Novosibirsk region. This small-sized tractor “Lukashonok”. Designed and built in 1977, and since then, they have a reliable assistant. Provided young designers for tractor and single axle trailer for transportation of soil, fertilizers. Its load capacity is 1 ton
The basis of “Lukashenka” were decommissioned nodes W cars, tractors and some farm machines. So, the engine is “of puskach” PD-10 from the tractor DT-54, the radiator for him from the car GAZ-69. From the truck GAZ-51 borrowed the rear axle (it had to be shortened), wheels, gearbox and steering column. Long could not pick up the front wheel and hub, until someone suggested to connect the hub from, combine SK-3 with the wheels of the planter. The same thing happened with water pump — finally, I knew adapted to the tractor… pump from washing machine, connecting it to the gear with the speed controller. Well, the frame of the tractor guys welded from steel channel.
Fig. 1. The appearance of microfracture
Fig. 1. The appearance of microfracture “Lukashonok”:
1 — rear, 2 — seat, 3 — wheel, 4 — shift lever, 5 — lever switch, clutch, 6 — engine PD-10, 7 — the lever of inclusion of a reducer, 8 — tank, 9 — cutting wheel, 10 — gearbox, 11 — gear, 12 —brake pedal, 13 — transmission, 14 — temperature gauge-water, 15 — the hood.

Fig. 2. The power unit of microfracture
Fig. 2. The power unit of microstructure:
1 — shift lever 2 — lever control clutch, 3 — arm concentrator carburetor, 4 — pointer water temperature, 5 — vostokfilm, 6 — tank, 7 — flywheel, crankshaft, 8 — radiator, 9 — lower water pipe, 10 — water pump, 11 — magneto 12 — the lever of the clutch 13, the gear shift lever of the gearbox, 14 — pull drive clutch 15 is driven gear 16 — lever “gas”, 17 intermediate the clutch lever, 18 — rear axle, 19 — coupling.
Tests showed that maximum speed not exceeding 25 km/h is sufficient for most transport jobs. Generally, the choice of a sufficiently large speeds to eight forward and two back.
A tractor, such a “Lukovenko”, can get almost every rural school — in fact in every repair tractor station there are many decommissioned parts from which you can gather equally reliable assistant.

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