Exercise BIKEMorning gymnastics, running, lignite winter and summer Hiking trips, Cycling is an effective means of health promotion.
However, the bike largely depends on St of road traffic, the vagaries of the weather. In such cases, an exercise bike, a simple design of which want to offer. It is simple and affordable to manufacture, easy to operate, has a small weight (within 10 kg), it will be a great addition to any apartment,because it takes up little space {300X1300 mm). The Assembly will not require much time or scarce materials. And that is important — the bulk of it is… the bike itself, and any available home. Turning it into a simulator takes literally two to three minutes and is reduced to the removal of the front wheel and securing the fork ka stand simulator.
The base of the machine — frame steel corners 36X26 mm: two lateral longitudinal length of 1300 mm and two transverse length of 230 mm To the front side are screwed two aluminum stands with the axle between them, which secure the front fork of the Bicycle. At the other end of the base support unit is installed with a rotating rubber rollers — ka them is based the rear wheel. Axes of rollers are bearings that are installed in dural brushes site. As the old squeezing rollers used rollers from a washing machine.
Basic design details
Key design details:
1, 12 — frame, 2 — front, 3 — axis plug, 4 — bike fork, 5 — rear, 6 — rollers 7 — cheek, 8 — bearing cap, 9 — tie pin, 10 — nut, 11 — bearing No. 202.

On the bike there is a possibility to regulate the intensity: to change the effort required to turn the rear wheels and rollers. For this between the last set tie pin: spinning its nuts, raise the load, the twisting is reduced.
This setup allows you to train whatever the weather, easier recovery after illness, helps to maintain the shape of the elderly, which the snake is difficult to use an ordinary bike.
V. Anoshin

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