COUNTRY, BUT BEAUTIFULWe continue to acquaint readers with the simple designs of garden furniture offered by Polish magazine “Prob myself.”



Its basis is the power frame, made of boards section mm. 25Х100 Elements connected to each other and feet on the countersunk screws and epoxy glue. Top frame is covered with a grid of laths with cross-section 40X40 mm.


Fig. 1. Shop.

Fig. 1. Shop:

1 — cross member of the frame (2 pieces, Board 25Х100Х300 mm), 2 — the longitudinal frame element (2 PC Board 25X100X600 mm) 3 leg (4 PCs, Board 25X100X250 mm), 4 rail (7 pieces, 40X40X600 mm).


Fig. 2. Frame Assembly shop.

Fig. 2. Frame Assembly shop.

It is desirable to make several of these stores, then will be able to place them in the most picturesque places of the garden and around the house. You can use them on the terrace.
This table is comfortable in role of serving during a holiday in the fresh air or a coffee — house. Will be useful as an auxiliary, if you came to visit. It is possible to have a siphon with a cold drink, a samovar, a tray of pastries or fruit.
The main material used — the Board section 25X75 mm. Of them are going frame with legs. Pay attention to the design of the legs: it consists of two sidewalls, connected together at 90°. From precision chamfering 45° depends on the “marketability” of the entire product. The table top is made of inlaid. It is fixed to the supporting groove section 25X50 mm.
Fig. 3. Table.
Fig. 3. Table:
1 — element legs (8 pieces, Board 25Х75Х450 mm), 2 — side panel (4 pieces, Board 25X75X350 mm), 3 — strap support (2 PCs, 25X50X450 mm), 4 — element tops (6 pieces, Board 25X75X450 mm), 5 — connecting rod (2 pieces, Board 25X50).
Appearance also depends on the quality of decorative finish. Very nice to look at the table, if the sidewall of the frame and the legs to cover the stain and colorless furniture varnish, and the top — only varnish.
The versatility of this design allows to use it as a table and as a spare places on the crowded family celebration, celebrated in the country. The materials are the same as those for the manufacture of the table. Struts and tie rods between the legs provide the necessary rigidity and strength.
Fig. 4. Table-bench.
Fig. 4. Table-shop:
1 — screed (Board 25X75X450 mm), 2 — strut (2 PC Board 25Х75Х1100 mm) 3 leg (4 PCs, Board 25X75X450 mm) 4 — cross member of the frame (2 pieces, Board 25X75X450 mm) 5 — side panel (2 piece, Board 25Х75Х1110 mm), 6 — support strap (2 PCs, 25Х50Х1200 mm), 7 — element “countertops-seats” (16 PCs Board 25X75X450 mm).
Table with benches
What could be better than afternoon tea with the whole family in the garden at the samovar! Well, I can do without a table and benches to it, made by hand.
Fig. 5. A table with benches.
Fig. 5. Table with benches:
1 — the item shop (6 pieces, Board 45Х90Х1500 mm), 2 — tabletop element (8 pieces, Board 45X90X1800 mm).
For the entire set will need to Board one of their cross section 45X90 mm. Benches and tabletop are going on the screws and epoxy glue and to be separate “units”. Frame elements are joined with them, and to each other using bolts and nuts M10. This provides the possibility of disassembly of the headset into its component parts to make them indoors for the winter. To protect the wood from rain boards should be covered with hot linseed oil in several layers, and then oil furniture Polish.
Fig. 6. The Assembly of the sidewall of the frame.
Fig. 6. The Assembly of the sidewall of the frame:
1 — the basis of the countertop (2 PC Board 45X90X800 mm), 2 — table leg (2 PCs, Board 45X90X750 mm), 3 — base (Board 45Х90Х1630 mm) 4 — based shop (2 PC Board 45X90X300 mm), 5 — foot benches (4 PCs., Board 45X90X400 mm), 6 — bolt with nut M10.
Fig. 7. The Assembly of the frame.
Fig. 7. Frame Assembly:
1 — side panel (2 PCs), 2 — brace (2 PCs., Board 45Х90Х860 mm), 3 — tie (3 pieces, Board 45Х90Х840 mm), 4 — corner mounting (16 PCs D16T), 5 — bolt with nut M10.

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