BRACKETS FOR STEREO SPEAKERSStereoscopy household radio equipment increasingly enters the house. Rarely one will see speakers in corners of the room… But where: on the floor, on bookshelves, on the furniture! With this arrangement, the speakers sounds stereo records very reduced, because to achieve properly oriented sound propagation difficult.

To fully enjoy the stereo effect, make simple brackets to direct the speakers to any point in space and thereby concentrate in it the sound vibrations.
Each bracket consists of a rectangular steel base welded to it console at the end of which is attached to the yoke. Square tube has two elongated holes for fixing screws sliding the shoulders through the width of the column.
To the ends of the shoulders welded strips of metal — thrust, pivotally attached thereto, sliding the grips. Every sort of clamp consisting of a stem and two segments made of square-tube holders.
The latter is welded to the legs, cut from a t-profile. One regiment of foot cropped by the width of the holder and welded thereto along the perimeter. In its center there is a screw hole, screw in the threaded end hole of the rod. Another shelf foot rests on the sound column.
Device stereocenter
Device stereocenter:
A — base of the bracket with the console; B — rocker 1 – rocker arm shaft (bolt M6), 2 — locking handle; 3 — screw-stopper, 4 — shoulder, 5 — thrust; In capture: 1 — clamping screw, 2 — foot, 3 — holder, 4 — core, 5 — axis capture (bolt M6), 6 — locking handle 7 — spacer washer 8 — rubber gasket 9 — speakers.

Thus, holders, moving the rod toward each other to securely clamp the column. Of course, under feet it is necessary to put rubber pads to protect polished surfaces from damage.
All hinges brackets are adjustable. They are equipped with plastic handles, fixing the position of columns needed to obtain the best sounding records.

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