TABLE SHELFThis unusual shape of the table mastered, a German furniture company. The originality of design lies in the fact that the top of its rear edge passes… in the regiment. This opens up a number of additional amenities for those who are working at the table, I would like to have at hand the necessary literature for rapid retrieval of the source information or reference material. Consider a desktop interesting by the fact that it is available for self-reproduction, because it is not complex in design and consists of simple parts. The dimensions are selected depending on space allocated for a table in the apartment.


The device table
Perhaps the main node table can be called podstolny frame, as it be tied not only to the top, but the corner shelf and the supporting part of the structure. The frame is assembled from four beams, divergent simple Shipov connection itadaki, on the screws with glue (carpenter’s, PVA). To the back side of the frame is screwed with screws an extra bar of triangular cross-section for subsequent attachment of panel shelves. And on the sides of the frame, closer to its front side, with the help of furniture bolts and nuts are installed the cross bars, the other of which serves as both a support for the second panel, the corner shelves. Between the supports are connected to opposing cutouts and furniture pulled together with bolts and nuts and washers.
For countertops, you can use any leaf furniture material: thick plywood, chipboard, furniture panels. It can also be used for shelves. The only condition is that its panels should be joined together at right angles: then the books on the shelf can be placed not only slide, but edge, making it easy to use them.
First Assembly of the table frame, because, as mentioned above, it will be important design details. After connecting all four bars to them is screwed a triangular block, then the frame is delayed because it takes to prepare the other elements. And the main thing now — regiment. It should be collected separately, because it dictates the decision of the supporting part.
Desk with corner shelf
Table with corner shelf:
1—top; 2—under the capital frame; 3,4—cross legs of the Desk; 5—a bolt of fastening of supports of the table; 6,7—panel corner shelves; 8—screws; 9—triangular timber panel frame

Combining the spikes with glue or screws of both shelf panel at a right angle to each other, to the back of them on both sides to attach the bars (4) of the supporting part, and the front panel to connect to the frame, for convenience during this operation, putting them on the side. Now you can attach the second rail support parts, noting their desired location relative to each other. These marks is to run counter to the grooves and finally to connect both legs of the table. On the frame there will be a place for joining with it the upper end of the support part. It remains to attach to the frame worktop, to check the design for stability — and the table is ready.
Since all the design details — wood, they are subjected before assembling to the traditional finish used for furniture. If you wish to get dark shade of the table — the parts are first processed by stain, carefully sanded again and covered with stain. After drying on all facial surfaces to apply the furniture Polish in several layers, with intermediate drying and polishing with emery paper with the smaller abrasive layer.
The exception is furniture Board for countertops and shelves — his varnishing is not needed; only need taping cutting edges of strips of veneer or plate under the tree (they are further treated with sandpaper).
If for the manufacture of countertops and shelves applied chipboard sheets, they must necessarily paint with enamel paints (available separately countertop, and the other, darker — shelf) — this is required not only in ornamental, but also for environmental purposes: chipboard emit harmful substances.

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