HACKSAW-UNIVERSALEveryone is familiar with the hacksaw. She has to be young no technique, no home handyman. Firmly holding the canvas top frame, but it limits the possibilities of the instrument. With it will not make a slit at the middle of the wide plates will not penetrate a window in a metal casing. And canvas you can use only standard, whereas in the tool box accumulated debris, the teeth of which are still quite efficient.
Much more versatile and “seadna” collapsible handsaw consisting of a handle with a Central longitudinal groove, a removable upper frame and metal sleeve with fixing screw.
The handle is carved from hard wood or machined out of the PCB. Along the bottom propisyvaetsya groove under the sheet.
Sleeve — cut steel tubing. It should be lightly flattened, and then get in under his inner oval planting the neck of the handle.
Device nazovni
Device nazovni:
1 — upper frame, 2 — sleeve, 3 — fixing screw 4 — arm, 5 — rivet.

To manufacture the upper frame, bend along the axis of the plate steel thickness 1,0—1,3 mm and is firmly bonded to half by spot welding or rivets. In her front clip drill hole 0 5 mm for pin fixing sheet, and the back part are welded in the ring, firmly planted on the oval handle sleeve.
A hacksaw is used as with the broken and the whole canvas, to strengthen a single end, with hole, at the front of the frame bracket pin, and the other is missing the handle and turn the locking screw.
You can run without the bracket frame, if a piece of cloth or a blade, needle files, insert a Scriber in the handle and tighten the fixing screw of the bushing.
N. DOVZHENKO, g. Kamenka, Cherkasy region.

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