EXCAVATOR... MANUAL When laying the Foundation under the garden house, closing it, communications, the construction site has to dig a deep enough trench. In the usual way (man with shovel) it is difficult to excavate even with a depth of 1 m to 1.5 m and a width of 40…50 cm At the same time, from constructive reasons and to save labor, time, cement and other building materials, in many cases enough to have a trench width not more than 20…30 see To solve this problem, I have designed, manufactured and successfully used manual mini”the excavator”, a General view of which is shown in the figure.
It consists of a working body (bucket), base, and swivel-motion mechanism to perform reciprocating motion and the rotation of the bucket around each of three axes. This is enough to load the ground or up from the bottom of the trench in any convenient location within range. Swivel mechanism has a small weight and easy to move along the trench.
Manual mini
Manual mini”the excavator”:
1 — bucket, 2 — base (Board thickness 25…30 mm), 3 — tee lower 4 — tee top, 5 — rod.
Making of “excavator” is easy even at home.
The length of the rod of the bucket is selected depending on the maximum depth of the trench; but do length of 4 m is not advisable as it will be uncomfortable to work with.
Rod Assembly with dipper.
Rod Assembly with dipper.
That the soil does not spill, to be welded to the shovels the shovel back and side walls of sheet iron.
If it is not possible to weld tees, they can gather on the thread using the triple coupling of the three segments of water pipes. The use of such pipes shown in the picture size is convenient, not only because of their durability and relative affordability, but also because due to a combination of their inner and outer diameters when paired it turns out it is a workable hinge pair.

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