For many it will remind imperceptibly supplanted by modern interior bookcase. And for those who had to glue holiday garland chains of colored paper strips, it will immediately become evident and the device of this unusual vertical shelves. Yes, the principle is the same — the connection of individual units, not of paper, thick fabric, mattress, upholstery. To soft links not going into an accordion between them laid the plywood squares: thanks to them, each link is under load takes the form of a cube with two open sides. Here you can put books, drawings, to put the flowers and decorations, and depending on the strength of the materials used and the reliability of the suspension even here place the portable TV player with records, tape and cassettes.

The fabric needs to be taken not only durable but also bright, colorful or plain — then the regiment will be dressed up, decorate the interior. The size of the canvas is set to the selected width of the link: stock length is equal to four widths plus seam allowance, and top and bottom (tensile) bracket — three widths. The liners of plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm can be laid after “assemble” the entire chain of links.
When shelf ready, it can be hung on the wall or in any convenient place of the room — on the ceiling hooks. For this purpose, the pocket upper bracket is inserted into a round wooden rod with a diameter of 30-35 mm or metal tube of the same section. Bottom bracket insert from metal rod (for gravity) is intended to ensure the stability of the shelf; to this end it is also attached to the wall or floor.
Vertical shelf
Vertical full:
A — fabric-link, B — upper and lower brackets, G — plywood liner.

The regiment is not only convenient to manufacture and use, but also in the repair of the apartment: it is easy to remove and folds into a small package.

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