In a small cabin boats and yachts on the account each square decimeter square. To allocate a special space under the galley is a problem. Therefore, for cooking every time it is necessary to approach the shore, and the command is placed directly on the grass-field. In addition, you have to lug the dishes and supplies, something forgetting, annoyed and irritated. Especially if it’s raining or late with the choice of place for sleeping. However, for owners of vessels close to the dimensions of 2×5 m, the situation with the galley not hopeless, if the cabin to find a secluded area and attach the hands. An example might be the experience of a rational use of the area in the interior of our planing of the vehicle “Triton” (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 5 of 1996).

There on the area of several square decimeters is what has become the subject of increased interest and even white envy for the crews of many vessels (especially the female part of them) with whom we have met over the years of boating. Namely, a mini-galley, to ensure the “Triton” complete independence from the vagaries of weather. We never cared about the problem of choice Parking lot. You poked his nose right in the amphibious sedge or reed (just buzzed) and drop the anchor. Everything else for a normal lunch or dinner was on Board.
The main feature of the mini-galley that he is completely invisible to a foreign eye, repeating in a folded and closed form “architectural forms” of a wardrobe opposite. But just a few seconds to before the astonished visitor as if from nowhere appeared: shelves filled with products, the compartment with all sorts of utensils, a sink for washing hands and utensils, as well as a fairly large dining table. You need to do just a few movements: pull the guide rod and fix it to the wall, to open OBG>emnow the door of the galley, to raise the U-shaped latch to the vertical position of the panels of the table and the guide tube and the rod to push them out of the niche (China Bay), then lifting the latch even higher, to release the panel and spread them, while simultaneously inserting the legs into the slots on dragline mats.
If there is no need for a full-size table, you can use only the first panel. In this case the feet are not needed as a support Desk will serve as the second panel, slightly rejected and abutting the inner step of the ladder.
The shelves surround the door of the galley are placed two thermos, small, packages, and cans, sugar, tea, coffee, spices and other things. Pots, kettle and two Primus “bumblebee” hiding in the compartment, which is located deeper — behind the panels of the table.
Drinking water is supplied by gravity from the canister attached to the wall of the galley. Shell car wash is a small plastic basin with a diameter of 400 mm, to the bottom of which is attached a pipe with a corrugated rubber tube from an old gas mask is of such length that the shell could freely “travel” along the runners out of hiding. Used water is drained through the hose outside. Under the sink — vegetable locker, and pockets doors, detergents and other household stuff.
The frame panels of the table is made of planks with cross section of 15×15 mm and covered with light plastic top and bottom (for rigidity) — Aviaenergy thickness of 2 mm. was Used only epoxy glue. The dimensions of the panels were chosen by the place (we have 500×600 mm each). The longest side must be at least 30 mm greater than the desired height of the table, because his legs when folded lie in specially provided grooves. Between panels connected with a piano hinge and folded to retract into the slot behind the door of the galley on the telescopic rail, to the manufacture of which should be treated with due care.
Mini-galley in the stowed state
A mini-galley in the stowed condition:
1 — volume-door, 2 water taps, 3 – door shell, 4 — lock of the panels of table 5 – panel table in the folded and retracted position. 6 — the tip of a sliding rod 7 — rod in the extended position, 8 – locking socket on the side wall of a wardrobe.

Looks salon
So look inside the “Triton”.
Mini-galley is in working condition (table is not nominated before the end)
A mini-galley in working condition (table is not nominated before the end):
1 — shell, 2 — shelf surround-door, 3 — compartment dish, 4 — lock of the panels of table 5 — panel table. 6 — guide tube 7 — retractable rod.
Elements table
The elements of the table:
1,4 — front and rear legs (dural tube 15), 2 — triangle (dural plate, s1), 3 — hinges, 5 — piano hinge, 6 — wooden plug, 7 – screw, 8 — socket on the dragline mats, locking leg.

Telescopic guide:
1 — M4 screw, 2 — grubka, 3 — wall, galley, 4 — inner loop 5 — bar table, 6 — side panel of a wardrobe, 7 — washer 8 — retaining spring retaining socket, 9 — outer loop, 10 — retractable rod, 11 — bracket, 12 — the bottom of the dish compartment.

The frame of bar table
Frame bar table:
1 – plank (pine, rail – 15×15, 2 – a niche for the legs.

The guide consists of a steel tube with a diameter 12×2 mm steel rod with a diameter of 8 mm, connected telescopically. Tube fixedly mounted on the shelf China compartment M4 screws and bracket. The rod also extends until it touches the opposite wall and is fixed to a spring latch with a spherical tip.
This folding table is suitable not only in the cabin of the boat or yacht. With the same success it can be installed in a residential trailer, small country kitchen, or any multi-functional and transformable space. Him free to sit five people: two in the outboard seats and one on a stool ladders from the yard.
Design just a mini-galley so variable and dependent on the volume and layout of, say, cabins, detail is not considered here and is given at the mercy of the imagination and capabilities of our followers.

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