For home, for family, as they say, the real owner will spare neither effort nor time — only it would be this time. And, I will say, and not enough where to take it. Yes, don’t waste it — and there’s no need. Just to implement their ideas, use every spare minute — they will develop in time”; then you will be surprised: when I mastered? Here to take at least the repair of the apartment. Even if it is not very “cosmetic” and no matter how large may be, it can be done in parts, and time. There are new techniques, if to look for them. Assume that you have already whitewashed ceilings, pasted fresh Wallpaper, updated floors, it was her turn to bring order to the kitchen and utility room. The stove and the sink seems to be well established tile. And what to think in the bathroom, hallway?
If you had to deal with ordinary window glass and this simple cutting tools like diamond or glass cutter, and TK school, you had deuces on the draw, you’ll be offered below quite affordable and effective method of wall decoration unusual mosaic.
It will require any (or invented) decorative pattern referred to glass and oil paint. If you are using old, heavily thickened paint, it should be a little diluted. And it is not necessary that the glass was whole — even better” if it is battle, assembled somewhere on the construction site or at a workshop cutting glass: the pieces will contribute to your imagination and work with them to entice their variance. Practice has shown that the glass workpiece must be narrow, with a width of about 3 cm, in the form of a rectangle. trapezoidal or rhombic — then they are easier to fit together in the overall panel And to the increase of the required size any picture will also be easy with the help of a square grid on the original and the same, but large — on the wall: play on it part of the figure trapped in one cell of the original, even a child can do.
So there are the contours of the future image on the wall, the right paint colors and glass blanks, the edges of which are smoothed with an emery stone or emery cloth. To facilitate the work it would be nice fragments of the future of cell pattern to be reproduced on separate large sheets of paper (the reverse side of old Wallpaper). Then they can be used to do preliminary layout — to choose the fitting connections for glass blanks. After a chunk is matched on paper, you can transfer it on the wall. It is desirable to keep the transfer sequence of the future mosaic — from the bottom up.
Consider the order of work on a simple pattern for the bathroom: on a white background — a blue strip of water and a pink figure of a boy diving and swimming meet him fish. Matched glass blanks are painted on the reverse side of the corresponding nitro colors: background — white, water — blue, for figurines pink or light brown. After the blanks are dry, the painted side is applied a layer of oil paint and pressed in the appropriate space of the cell pattern on the wall (the stickers for nitro use is not worth it: it will dissolve the previous coat.)
Making the walls of the hallway
Making the walls of the hallway:
1 — picture on glass mosaic. 2 — mirror. 3 -a wall-hanger.
Design bathroom wall
The design of the bathroom wall:
1 — a mosaic of the background, 2,3— tiles 4 – seams forming a circuit pattern.
Notice that the work goes faster and the picture is spectacular, if the workpiece is small: them to pick up, and join easier. It is also necessary to pay attention to the seams between the glass: they should not be avoided, they also element symbols, especially those that form the external circuit pattern. Even better if the seams will be wider than the other — they can emphasize, respectively, the tint or fill with colored putty. The latter is actually to use putty, a thick paste or plaster “pasta” with the addition of PVA glue. It is desirable stained when rubbing the filler glass surface, immediately clean up, otherwise then it will be harder to do.
Back to the point, the preparatory work — the placement of the fragments on paper. The fact that the glass blanks can be mounted not on the wall, and on the same paper, thus immediately large sections of the mosaics and pasting them on the wall paper party. It is not necessary to separate the paintings coincide with their boundaries very precisely: the missing stations will be able to pay directly on the wall.
For stickers how to separate workpieces on the wall, and fragments on paper besides oil paints are also suitable materials used when working with tiles — Bustilat, cement mortar with PVA, a special postmark.
Plots of drawings are selected depending on the purpose and decorate the room: for example, for a bathroom variations on the theme of water and swimming, and for the hall — landscapes or, for example, the stylization of ancient walls, fortresses, log cabins.
Have considered the way of walls in addition to the aesthetic side there are also practical advantages: it is quite clear that carefully executed and successfully pasting the selected picture allow after such repairs do not return to it for many years. After the glass — resistant material: not removed, not dirty, not afraid of water. However, does not tolerate bumps — but the broken element, you can always replace the same, which also do not have to search the shops, and to restore themselves at any time.

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