PRESS THE BIBLIOPHILEThe most interesting, favorite books deteriorate in the first place. And how to get textbooks: students receives their classes for free, but at the end of the year should return, because their use is designed for 5 years. Extend the life of books can anyone, even a child, if he be accustomed to it and help to make a simple fixture. Among them the most necessary — press.

It consists of three steel plates, two racks and screw with handle (dimensions indicated in the figures). The upper and lower plates are rigidly connected uprights on which they are fastened by nuts. In the middle of the top plate drilled hole for the screw and two small under a fastener nut screw that is installed from the bottom. Middle plate also has a Central hole under the heel of the screw (as it rotates the plate rises or falls). Not to spoil the surface of the table, on which is installed a press, lower plate with two sides fixed the screws on the wooden plank.
Lined notebooks book glue first, then placing the cover and put the book on the bottom plate. By turning the handle, lower mid plate on and leave the CoE under load until the glue dries.
Appearance of the press and its details
The appearance of the press and its details:
1 — support bar (350Х20Х20 mm), 2 — lower plate, 3 — middle plate, 4 — Desk, 5 — top plate, 6 — screw nut, 7 — fixing nut 8 — screw with handle.

The press provides pressure up to 2000 kg area of the plate is such that it can be glued at the same time not a single instance.

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