ELECTRIC MICRO MOTORGood motorists! Easy turn of the ignition key and the starter turning the crankshaft starts the engine. Of course, we do not encourage modelers to install an electric starter on the motors. We will focus on stationary unit intended to significantly facilitate the launch of the compression and glow model engines. He will provide you great help in training and in competition where the engine run time is extremely limited.

The starter can be made from readily available materials and components. Motor — car or motoroleriu starter, and you can use the already former in the use. For the engine is desirable to use a starting relay. The source of power is battery (6 or 12V). Here may be appropriate, even old battery, not able to start the engine of the vehicle; our starter not experiencing heavy loads.
The starter of the scooter and the corresponding battery will make a less powerful, but more compact and lightweight launcher Assembly.
The starter is mounted in the housing is movable on rails parallel to the shaft. In the extreme forward position, the motor is held by two springs. The launch is as follows. Taking the model with two hands, insert the spinner into the rubber coupling of the output shaft of the starter and tap on it. The starter motor is moved, includes starting key and the motor shaft begins to rotate, turning the screw model. After starting, the starter returns to its original position by the spring and thus switched off.
This design is completely safe and eliminates accidental injury to a propeller because when you run the model held by two hands.
The starter needs to be improved to remove from his nal Bendix (overrunning clutch with the pinion gear) and to shorten the output shaft, then it was possible to establish a leading rubber coupling. Hole PA starter flange are used for mounting on the rails, but to ensure the accuracy of the movement in them is inserted a short length of about 10 mm bushing. The guides are steel studs, whose diameter corresponds to the inner diameter of the bushings. Grinding sandpaper it to fit the hole size of the bushing providing a sliding fit. For mounting studs in the housing at both their ends is threaded. To avoid misalignment of the starter on the rails under the action of the weight at the back of extra roller support.
The device of the electric starter for starting motors
The device of the electric starter to start the motors:
1 — a rubber coupling under the spinner, 2 plastic dowels, 3 — body and sleeve couplings, 4 — handle, 5 — starter 6 — roller bearing 7 — roller guide, 8 — pole switch 9 — main switch 10 — rear emphasis of the starter 11 — a guide starter, 12 — bracket for control switch, 13 — bushing installation holes of the starter, 14 — spring 15 — battery.

The casing of the unit is going on the nails and the glue of plywood with thickness 6 — 10 mm. the carrying Handle Assembly can be made from a section of a pipe or round piece of wood. The top housing cover is removable. The bottom of the box should also be removed — OTO facilitate replacement or recharging of the battery.
When selecting valves, consider the significant current which consumes a starter (up to 50 A); the contacts of the switch must be rated for this load, otherwise they may melt at the first activation. Quite suitable for this purpose, so-called disconnectors mass. If you find a switch with two pairs of contacts should be connected in parallel to facilitate the mode of operation. The offset of the starter housing, necessary to enable it, should be no more than 10 mm.
Another method of starting the starter motor via a standard automotive relay. In this case, the switch can be much smaller. The cables supply power to the starter, should have a section not less than 6 mm2.
The lead sleeve consists of rubber sleeve (with three longitudinal grooves on its outer surface in which is installed the dowels), metal clips and metal bushings. These parts are going to wear starter shaft as shown in the drawings.
To start the motor using the electric starter propeller should be fastened on the shaft by a cook. Remember that the clutch will rotate a shaft of the spinner and, if the latter has a hole with right-hand thread, then when you launch COC will otsenivaetsya. To avoid this, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of rigid fixation.

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