MITSUBISHI A6M ZEROThe number of these fighters were produced in eight versions of the Japanese industrial concern Mitsubishi in 1939, amounted to about 10 499 (according to other sources — 10 937) copies. The A6M was designed in 1937, the Japanese designer Jiro Horikoshi. His first Pope the plane made on 1 April 1939.

Serial car, which had the designation А6М2, was equipped with a 650-horsepower radial engine “Sakae 12” company Nakajima. I wonder what these fighters escorted bombers that attacked on 7 December 1941 naval US base at pearl Harbor.
V1942 year was released А6МЗ modification, equipped with an engine “Sakae 21” with two-stage compressor company Nakajima. Finest hour, this aircraft was the battle of midway, but later А6МЗ gave primacy to American fighters F6F Hellcat and P38 Lightning. To fight them was released the next modification А6М5, capable of speeds up to 565 km/h. It was the most massive fighter from the A6M.
It should be noted that А6М5 of units “si-kisima kamikaze” 25 October 1944 sunk the American aircraft carrier “St. Lo” and damaged three more such ships.
MITSUBISHI А6М5 ZERO: wing span 11 000 mm, length 9120 mm height 3510 mm, wing area of 21.3 m2, the maximum speed of 565 km/h practical ceiling 11 740 m, the distance of 1143 km, the mass of the empty 1876 kg, normal takeoff weight 2733 kg, engine NK2F Nakajima “Sakae 21” with a capacity of 1100 HP; armament: 7.7 mm machine gun, 13.2-mm machine gun, two 20mm guns, two 250 kg bombs.

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