SIMPLEST ANTI-THEFT DEVICEWhat devices are invented so that the attackers couldn’t steal a car. Steering lock, gear shift knob, wheels, dodgy electrics off, the impact on the psyche of a siren, light shows and much, much more. And yet… the thefts occur. Stealing not only expensive cars, but even battered “Lada”, causing their owners considerable surprise. However, on an old car much less you can find modern luxury anti-theft system. And then the interests of the owner and the thief, alas, partially coincide: the first do not want to spend extra money to protect an old car, and the second is happy to steal, because the old man from the automotive industry “leave” on the black market on their own.

The way out of this financial dilemma is a simple solution that readers have probably seen in old detective films. A few handfuls of sand or earth, stuffed in the exhaust pipe, and now the hero of the movie can not start the engine. The proposed anti-theft system is a more intelligent version of the same idea to block the exhaust tract.

Structurally, “protivougonki” looks like a metal cylinder plug with a small handle and a through hole. The same through hole must be performed in the exhaust pipe. Inserting the plug
the tube and aligning the through holes, it is possible to close the exhaust path of the engine of a conventional padlock.

You can improve the tightness of the plugs, if its external cylindrical surface to perform a series of annular grooves. Customized sizes plugs better place because exhaust from different cars can have its own characteristics (shape defects, soot, rust, etc.).

Anti-theft device

Anti-theft device:


1 – exhaust pipe;

2 – cap;

3 – through hole.

There is a risk that trying to start the engine of an old car, the hijacker “injure” the exhaust tract in a different place. The rusty pipes of the exhaust system may simply fall off in the joints. But in this case-
tea, the attacker will receive a large “surprise” in the form of trevisago all around the motor and the screeching of pipes on the pavement. Unlikely such a set would take, he would go away.

It is clear that the use of such an exotic anti-theft device is not very convenient. At each Parking lot to bend over and fiddle with the exhaust pipe is quite troublesome. Rather, this device should be used during periods of long Parking of the car when the owner weeks or months does not exploit the iron horse. If safety is a priority, this opportunity to keep your car intact should not be neglected.


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