TABLE - POHREBETS'In recent years a proliferation of different thermostats for storage of potatoes and vegetables on the balcony or in the loggia. No doubt, such “cellars” help people eat a healthy diet all year round. But it’s like saying: “I Love to skate, love and sleigh to haul”. To keep the vegetables, it is necessary to look for the heaters, sensors, and thermostats to collect, monitor them, regulate… Not everyone is on the shoulder.
But the design in which neither the command nor the Executive of electrical equipment. Nevertheless, it serves me properly for three years.
This is the table that stands in the kitchen window. From the side and not think about his true purpose. Inner surface insulated hardboard 12 mm thick and a layer of thick cardboard.
A short distance from the bottom of the fixed wooden shelf with holes for better air circulation. On stored vegetables.
Device table holodilnika
The device table holodilnika:
1 — table, 2 — fibreboard of a 3 — counter, 4 — foam rubber, 5 — window, 6 — long tube, 7 — tube, 6 — hole e frame of the window, 9 — hole for the vacuum cleaner hose, 10 — tube 11 — wall of the pillar, 12 — carton, 13 — hole flange ø 8 mm, 14 bottom, 15 shelf, 16 — doors.

The internal cavity of the table of the refrigerator communicates with the outside by two ducts. This dural tube from the clamshell. One, short, ends right below the tabletop; second, long, reaches almost to the bottom. Pipes insulated with polyurethane foam and brought out through a hole in the frame of the window. The cracks in the woodwork near the pipe filled window putty, paint restored. (In the summer the insulation can be removed, as it prevents you to open the window.)
In winter, when the window is 6 to 12°, the cold air from the street enters the table and lowers the temperature of up to +4 ..6°. For more severe frost (-18…250) pipe end plug with cotton wool. Atmospheric air ceases to enter the table, but continues to cool the tubes themselves. This is enough vegetables preserved condition.
To quickly reduce the temperature of the founded storage products are… vacuum cleaner. Connect the hose to the hole in the side wall of the table and include a vacuum cleaner. It sucks from the tank and warm the air that is immediately replaced with cool, street.
I. BUYANOV, Moscow

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