This simple device will help the baby to take its first steps. We are talking about the well-known “Walker”, however in the store they often will not find. So I decided to take up the matter himself. The more that manufacture them was quite simple. The three front wheels via holders connected with the Hoop attached “shorts” — that’s the whole design. Enough to put the baby, and he provided the necessary support and stability. In addition, the child can relax, sitting and “hanging” in the Hoop on pants.

Stand made of duralumin rod Ø 16 mm; lower part of their machined under the seat wheels, and the upper end they go down into the bushing holder with a clamping M8 screw for height adjustment. The other end of the holder is inserted into the hole in the dural Hoop and ruslaan.
The wrap has a soft lining, which is attached “shorts”. Because the baby in this “simulator” want something to stick — on the front rack made nozzle with handles like a wheel. The wheels of the “machine” slider — furniture turning, which gives the ability to move in any direction.
The use of such Walker saw the need for another part — the lower arc that passes through all three stands: it prevents tipping over sideways.
1 — nozzle with handles, 2 — Bush-holder, 3 — ring, 4 — front, 5 — arm, 6 — a safety tip.

Scheme details bring for orientation: mounting methods and material can be different.
A. COMB, Novoshakhtinsk, Rostov region.

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