The majority of cabinets for the hallway there is one drawback: it is not possible to accommodate long items like skis or household step-ladder.
Proposed for the independent production of the French magazine “System D” rack-column has the winning height, a special unit, just designed to accommodate long items. The rest of the design decision is quite traditional: a section plus mezzanine.

DEVICE. Like any furniture, wardrobe-colon-ka is collected from a panel of workpieces, the material for which is the so-called furniture Board or sheet of chipboard.
The main body (Fig.1) form two sides, the roof panel and the bottom. Inside there is a vertical partition separating a section from the narrow column. A mezzanine is not resolved as a separate unit that just formed near a shelf at the top of the section, but with separate door. The rest of the space section can be equipped depending on the need: for clothes, shoes, vacuum cleaner or other things. In column (ski compartment) has a notched shelf — limiter for skiing.
TRAINING. The use of shield material (in this example the chipboard 19 mm) allows you to prepare all the panels, components of the design separately and then just assemble them in sequence. However, all preparatory operations are performed with every detail tailored to their dock and required finishes.
The main elements of the Cabinet-speakers
Fig.1. The main elements of the Cabinet-column:
1 — side; 2 — door speakers; 3 — leaf; 4 — baffle; 5 — bottom; 6 — bottom shelf; 7 — door wardrobe compartment; 8 — rear wall (DSP); 9 — door mezzanine; 10— roof; 11 — shelf mezzanine; 12 — limiter for skiing

So, all edges of the original boards, formed after the cutting, it is necessary to turn over the appropriate strips of veneer or the special plastic or paper edging strips, and fit them under the width of the thickness of the panels.
If there is no adhesive layer is necessary with the brush carefully fluff the thick white glue (or carpenter’s), gently apply on the edges of the blanks (Fig.2), and strongly pressed. To accelerate bonding and higher strength of the glued strips of edging warm hot iron.
All blanks, if necessary, covered with furniture Polish. If you did not use veneered or plastic-coated blanks of particleboard, they before Assembly be sure to be painted (for environmental reasons) enamel paints.
Where the material joints require amplification (or manufacturability of the Assembly), and installation of shelves are attached to the bars (Fig.3); the doors are mounted with piano or special furniture hinges. After all preparations are complete you can start assembling.
ASSEMBLY. First Assembly of the main body. If the back wall is not used hardboard or plywood, as usual, and particle Board, it all starts with coupling it with one of the side walls (Fig.4), and then fasten the bottom (Fig.5) and the roof panel and the second side wall (Fig.6). After installing the walls are placed shelves (Fig.7) and hung the doors.
The bottom of the hanging section of the wardrobe can be decided depending on needs. For example, here, as in the mezzanine, just installed shelves or done closed section with a hinged horizontal flap (Fig.8). Instead you can take cover and a small U-shaped high chair, assembled from three panels with reinforcement at the corners with plywood gussets (Fig.9). This chair provides additional comfort in the winter, zachorowania shoes.

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