Often in the organization of outdoor lighting to install the lighting unit is used near a support of a transmission line (the pole) or other suitable wooden structures.
For economy of wiring and ease of management are usually on the same pole in the lower part of the set and switch.
For protecting the external switch from the rain and snow you can use a suitable plastic canister from-under engine oil.
The canister on the neck cut at an angle of about 30°, and its rear wall drilled two holes for the connecting bolts. To exclude the ingress of moisture to the switch contacts through the holes between the hood and the mounting plate on the bolts install the sealing rubber washers.


External switch under the protective cap

The outer switch under the protective cap


1 — mounting plate (steel strip s2…4); 2 — cap (plastic canister); 3 — domestic circuit breaker; 4 — connecting bolt M5 washer (2 PCs); 5 — locking nut with washer (2 PCs); 6 — fastening nut with spring washer (2 PCs); 7 — rubber washer

The mounting plate is made from steel strip with a thickness of 2-4 mm. At the ends it drilled holes for the mounting screws, and in the middle of two holes for connecting bolts of the switch. Then this part of the arch so that after the installation of the device on a support, the possibility remained of otverdevaya nuts without removing the plate. If the backbone is a round post, the shanks of the plate bent in an arc.

To the terminals of the switch is connected is de-energized, the gap is the neutral wire. To prevent flowing of rain drops in the wire to the switch is supplied from the bottom, providing the overhang of its loop 150-200 mm after the installation of the node.
To assemble the node into the mounting holes of the switch from the inside to insert the bolts and fix them with nuts on the outside. Then, having put on the bolts large washer, the switch is placed under the hood.
Outside put on bolts rubber washers, and the bolts are then inserted into the holes of the plate, and the whole structure is held together with nuts spring washers.
To avoid accidental damage to the breaker at the pole must be fixed at a height of not less than two meters from the ground.
With abundant rainfall or fog for security purposes to control switch it is better to use a dry wooden rail.
In the same way as external switch, to protect from rain, for example, open the button of an electric bell on the street, etc.
V. ZELENOV, Voronezh

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