Three-section storage of Laundry

Even hand washing, and especially the use of the washing machine involves pre-sorting the accumulating of underwear – largest, according to the color or strength of the material. Practically, this is impossible to accomplish, if you put things, as usual, in a traditional tank or a modern Laundry baskets of plastic.

Given this, some foreign firms advertise to use for this purpose a simple special “triple” design, which is readily available for self-production – thanks to the simplicity of the device and the absence of any scarce materials.

Three-section storage of Laundry
Three-section storage of Laundry

Three cumulative sections give the hostess an opportunity ahead of time to unpack-wash according to certain categories and then use them separately – for example, erase the parts or load in the machine in accordance with the technological recommendations, quality characteristics or States of the products.

Features of the device
Drive three-piece underwear consists of a common spatial frame and hung it cloth bags-bins (as shown on the drawings the dimensions are given for guidance and may be adjusted depending on the available space to accommodate the design).
The frame consists of two horizontal frames, built from narrow planks on their edges and interconnected at the corners by four uprights of the same boards.
The upper frame closed, perforated: her holes are inserted transverse wooden bars, which are hung bags, bunkers. To last with be easily removed from the frame, the lower frame is open: is the front strap of the rack are connected below the longitudinal wooden rod.
Rod cross member upper frame – pluggable: they can be easily removed, if necessary remove them with a filled bag from linen or change its width by moving the corresponding rod.
Fabric storage bins are made of thick fabric (upholstery, mattress) in bags rectangular shape. They are sewn from a separate or partially paired panels, for no particular pattern, in accordance with the size of the frame, in any order.
The upper part of the sidewalls of the bags has a cut-straps for hanging on rods top crossmember of the frame, but can be joined and a simple bend to get the appropriate pocket. On the front of the bag is convenient to make the inscription-a reminder, under what clothes he designed.
The manufacture and Assembly of
So, as already mentioned, the basic wooden structures are made of narrow boards (about 50 mm) and 20 mm thick, from which are cut blanks for frames and racks.
Since the fundamental conditions for the size of the structure will be allocated for it, and its manufacture should start with the frame or rather with its frames that have to be weighed.
And leading here will be the upper frame, the lower mostly partially repeat it, and racks are laid directly under it. In the blanks to the front and rear upper frame by means of rotation and the so-called pen drill bit of suitable diameter (about 20 -25 mm) is drilled a series of holes under the rods of the crossmember, and then they both connect to sidewalls using plug-in round thorns.
Main drive
The main elements of the drive:
1 – stand; 2 – side panel lower frame; 3 – the back part of the lower frame; 4 – rod-tie front struts; 5 – the front part of the upper frame; 6 – cores-crossbar; 7 – rear part of upper frame

Likewise interconnected three blanks of the lower frame. Then to the both sidewall frames attached to the rack: the upper frame is inside it, and to the lower frame on the outside of the sidewalls. Additional rigidity will give the connection of the lower parts of the pillars a wooden rod with a diameter of about 25 mm.
The billet rods-crossbars: they can be saw from a wooden rod with a diameter matching the holes of the upper frame (or from cuttings of selkhozinvest respectively adjusted to make the holes).
It remains to produce the bags, bunkers. It is better to sew on the sewing machine and fit the height under the corresponding dimensions of the frame, and the total width of all three silos with gaps between them – the size of the upper frame.
The finished bags are mounted on the shaft of the strut – and three-piece underwear storage is ready to be installed in the designated place.
Although this design belongs to the disproportionately modest compared with the rest of the furniture in the apartment and it will be out of sight and in a secluded corner of the pantry or the bathroom – still its appearance should be pleasing to the eye, especially because to achieve it is not so difficult. And consider this better before the final build -for example, at the stage of preparation of design details.
The side of the bag-hopper with straps for hanging on rods top crossmember of the frame
The sidewall of the bag-hopper with straps for hanging on rods top crossmember of the frame

Oddly enough, a decorative role here will be given not so much the frame as… in the bunkers.

Indeed, wooden items is, as usual, carefully processed cloth and after final polishing to be covered with several layers of dark furniture Polish. Or, at worst, just paint them with oil paints of different color separately for the upper and lower frames and pillars.
But even with the modest finish of the frame the whole design will look bright and elegant with the right selection of the fabric, which are sewn bags. It may be smooth in color, but bright, eye-catching shades.
And it is really a fancy device will look if you choose a fabric with beautiful patterns or drawings. Then the design will not only economically useful but also as decorative.



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