Kyosho Lamborghini C-1

Kyosho Lamborghini C-1Lamborghini C-1 CAT – model racing boats internal combustion engine, developed in collaboration with Lamborghini. The boat more than a meter and is equipped with a powerful engine will make You and others forget about the fact that You control only model – speed performance exceed all expectations!


  • Kyosho Lamborghini C-1The case of the “catamaran” provides maximum stability with minimum transverse width of the boat
  • The water-cooled motor is equipped with a manual starter to facilitate starting the engine
  • A unique detail of the management of the company Kyosho provide excellent ride quality at high speeds.
  • Internal valve drain tubes uses external water pressure and automatically shuts off the flow inside the boat.
  • Equipped by odnoralova mechanism fixed installation vertical and two adjustable sponsons that provide stabilization to the Bank.
  • Engine mount ensures minimal vibration and no noise when the engine is running. Engine compartment can be removed for easy maintenance.
  • Equipped with a sealed compartment for electronics, designed for the installation of three servos.

Kyosho Lamborghini C-1Features

Length 1085 mm

Width 285 mm
Weight 2900 g
The screw 40 x 1.6
Engine Kyosho GS-21MR with manual starter


  • boat Kyosho Lamborghini C-1
  • engine



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