Connection of wooden panels with various kinds of spikes with the twofold goal. First of all, getting hard articulation of the various parts of the structure, such as parts, shelves, drawers, or walls, the sidewalls of the bed frame or sofa and similar items of furniture. The second equally important task is to improve the mechanical properties of flat wooden parts: correct connection can prevent a warpage, curvature of the product.
The basic principle is that the connection was square as large as possible and firmly held without auxiliary materials (screws, staples, nails).
Wood connections in their design could be next.
Siritelny. Connect two wooden construction ends, the width of the material to increase the surface area. The most famous methods of this articulation: false spike (1), a rectangular tongue (2), “groove” (3).
Extension same as above, but use this method when you want to save material or to perform rounding.
Framework. Used in the case where it is necessary to join two wood planks or two bars, usually at right angles. There are two varieties: straight scissor joint (4) and the so-called “mustache” which are half — hidden scissor (5). To implement it, at the end of one part of the cut tenon, and on the contacting — same shape recess. In a rectangular embodiment, the cutouts should be made at a right angle, while the compound miter is a 45° angle. With the direct articulation of the spike is visible on both parts, and when the hidden — only one (the plane of the stud and cut-outs must be strictly parallel!).
When cargovan connection details are also at the right angle, but not in the same plane. The most common method of such a connection — toothed. The teeth may be rectangular (6), that is, with parallel sides the same size. In a variation called the “swallow’s tail” (7), the sides of the teeth and notches are shaped of a trapezoid. This type of connection there are three options: open, POLYCRETE hidden.
The name “swallowtail” appeared, apparently, only because we have a special love attitude to swallow. More accurate is the English name “davcal”, which means the tail of a dove. Such cutouts are more like it dove tail. But no matter how we call it articulation, it is recognized as the most durable.
With an open type marked in the form of a “dovetail” see the end of both parts. When the hidden half, only teeth one. When the hidden option (8) the ends are completely hidden.
Connection types of wooden panels.
If you want a reliable connection that does not really matter, it is preferable more simple, open way. It is usually applied in the manufacture of boxes. Sometimes the structure of the tree even decorated the end of a produced object.
Using the connection “dovetail”, it is necessary to take only the dry, direct fiber wood of good quality. The end need to handle the plane and carefully sanding. The progress of the following (9): at first mark, and then cut the grooves. After that on them at the end of the space abutting teeth. When pegging, it is very important to monitor the proportionality of the teeth and recesses. Their trapeziectomy should not exceed 70° to 75°, otherwise the wood may crack.
When cutting and fetching wood from the slots line better to write: it is subsequently convenient to carry out fine-tuning, for example, the fine rasp — joint will work fine and smooth.
Covered way of the articulation shown in figure 9. Progress in contrast to the previous inverse. First carry out the teeth and have them mark the return of the recess. Make perpendicular saw cuts, then cut out the triangles and only then remove the remaining with a chisel.
The saw and the chisel is directed so that the pattern remains visible. Then the corners need to handle a narrow chisel and needle files to hand nests were mutually perpendicular. Now you can try to insert gear item in the slot. If necessary, place prevent retractable needle file or emery paper. When completely hidden version of the parts ends and the teeth themselves will not quite visible.
The implementation of the “swallow’s tail” takes a lot of time. But he who patiently and accurately complete this job will have the satisfaction obtained from a solid and beautiful butt.
According to the magazine “Earmaster”, Hungary

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