THE TRAILER FOR The creation of various devices to facilitate work in the garden I have been doing for many years. However, to the readers of their developments have not yet ruled, this is my first attempt.

It all started with the fact that there are trailers for motorcycles — specifically for “Sunrise”. That’s what prompted me to build a trailer for my “Jupiter-4K.” In principle, the towing motorcycle with a sidecar is never forbidden and rules.

The trailer, which I made, suitable to tow it with any motorcycle with a sidecar, and motor scooter cargo “the Ant”. He was very successful; soon the same trailer done and my neighbor to his “Ant”.


Trailer sidecar motorcycle

Trailer for sidecar motorcycle “IZH-Jupiter-4K.”

First of all it was necessary to modify the frame side of the trailer (stroller). I welded thereto an l-shaped bracket, curved steel pipe Ø 60 mm, can be attached to the longitudinal tube of the frame by two clamps (with locking welding) and two tubular struts welded to the frame and to the bracket. Struts is also a water pipe with an external diameter of 22 mm. Length of workpiece 600 mm and 780, but their final size at the specified place.


Finalization of the side frames of the trailer of a motorcycle.

Refinement of the side frames of the trailer motorcycle:

1 — l-shaped bracket, 2 — front clamp, 3 — bolt rear, 4, 5 — strut, 6 — tube adapter, 7 — reinforcing solitaire, 8 — rack.


In addition to the stands that support a back of the stroller, welded steel pipe, allowing a little to lift the rear part of the body, so that his shell did not touch the l-shaped bracket. It is also necessary to increase the rigidity of the frame is additionally welded steel gusset.


Normalized hitch.

The normalized coupling device:

1 ball (steel Ø 50 mm), 2 — axis locking lever (steel, Ø 12 mm), 3 — stopper (steel, Ø 10 mm), 4 — locking lever (steel, thickness 15 mm), 5 — pole, mounted on the tug, 6 — locking 7 — and the casing of the coupling device.

The frame of the trailer also welded. Details of the drawbar and of the cross — pipe Ø 22 mm, the axis of the trailer is a pipe with a diameter of 60 mm, and on the loading platform went steel angles flange width 15 mm. the Latter is connected with the axis through the V-shaped brackets, curved steel strip section 7X70 mm.

Wheels and tires — scooter “Ant”, hub — charged drill, after cutting they’ve docked with the disks.

The bottom and sides of the body are sewn conventional grooved planed boards (to the frame fasten screws). The tailgate can be opened and, if necessary, to act as he hung on a conventional door hinges.

The trailer has all necessary lights: brake light, turn signal, and Parking lights. On mudguard set reflectors-reflectors.

Its weight is about 55 kg. the Limit load capacity up to 350 kg, but by the rules it should not exceed 50% of the mass of the tug. “Motoped” speeds up to 60 km/h the Brake is not provided since the brake system of the bike copes with the braking — of course, if she is well adjusted and involved the brake side of the trailer.

For more than four years in operation, this trailer and so far so good I serves. There was not significant damage, no trouble when towing a trailer with a motorcycle. “Motoped” remained as mobile and agile as a motorcycle. Not affect the use of the trailer and on the engine. He is still working reliably, is stable, does not overheat, its completion does not have.

I think my art project will interest those owners of motorcycles with sidecars who live in rural areas. Transport works in the yard does not count. Do I need to bring hay to take to the collection point for potatoes, to deliver fertilizer — everywhere you want a cargo vehicle. Meanwhile, now almost every second yard a motorcycle with a sidecar, spending 20-30 HP just to service the driver and passengers. So isn’t it time to harness this horsepower?


V. SEDOV, Vladimir


From the editor. The trailer to the motorcycle with a sidecar designed and built by our reader V. Sedov, has one significant drawback — it hitch does not meet the standards for such units with the requirements of the GAI. Therefore, the editors felt it necessary to depict on the drawings, a trailer with a standard hitch (ball joint).

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