DRIED-SMOKED? PLEASE! To dry mushrooms, fruit, or smoke, for example, meat, fish — not from an ambulance. And troublesome, tiresome to make sure that the process went properly and the result was good food for the winter. For drying use the heat of the sun or the stove, and for Smoking — smoker, often antiquated and inefficient. I suggest to use better technology with the use of Lectro-dryer-smokehouse, to make that under any homebrew.

Based on dryer’s metal Cabinet with a rising top (lid) and the side door. In the closet inserted five mesh boxes, which are placed on the products for drying. And this is 25 kg from onion or dill to the mushrooms or sliced apples. By the way, the last fully dried for 30 hours in a warm and dry weather or two days in cool.

Heat for drying give electropo-accurate spiral with a total capacity of 2 kW located at the bottom of the wardrobe. To the spirals do not touch each other, they are fixed on thermoisolating supports.
Before installing a heater on the bottom of the dryer poured dry sand.
While drying, the cover is held open. The dryer is raised above the ground for 30-40 mm (rests on a brick pedestal).
Electric dryer:
1 — stand brick; 2 — enclosure; 3 — heater; 4 — elektrospiral 1 kW (2 PCs); 5 — door; 6 — pole lattice box; 7 — cover.

Smoke generator
Smoke generator:
1 — tube of refractory, ceramic; 2 — heater; 3 — layer of sand.

To obtain 1 kg of dried apples consumed 10 kWh of electricity. Yes, not cheap. But the finished product is clean, high quality. In addition, when the tab of the other “raw materials” energy consumption is significantly reduced.
If require smoked, the dryer is easy to turn into a smoker. For this it is necessary to remove from the Cabinet the extra mesh boxes and instead of the electric heater to set the smoke generator. The latter is a 240-mm segment of the heat-resistant ceramic pipe with an inner diameter of about 250 mm. In pipe fill sand and placed two series-connected 400-watt spiral from the cookers.
The generator on all sides overlaid with planks, cover with a piece of refractory ceramics and connected to a household outlet. The generator is able to work without supervision and within 6-7 h to provide the smoker with smoke. Wood can be used raw — so for longer smokes.
V. MOTUZAS, Pasvolsky district, Lithuania

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