In illustrated catalogue “the World of motorcycles” for the year 1997 the publishing house “driving” a classification of motor vehicles, taking into account the purpose of the machines and their arrangement, according to which the choppers are one of the major groups known as Custom Cruiser motorcycles or American style.

The drivers of these heavy bikes sit straight with your legs straight forward. As for the machines, they have a number of characteristic of this style will: high “horned” steering wheel, split-level saddle, a large teardrop-shaped gas tank, extended reach front fork, wide but small diameter rear wheel and a huge number of chrome parts. On the road they look very solid because they put a “torquey” as a rule, two-cylinder four-stroke engines with a total volume of more than 600 “cubes”. For example, modern copero produced by the progenitor of the style firm Наг1еу-0ау1с15оп, engine capacity exceeds 1300 cm3! However, this technique is quite expensive and while on the streets of Moscow you can hardly see it. A Russian motorostoitel and existing tuning company its developments only show at shows, then it is not moving. More can be found all sorts of rude reworking of the domestic motorcycles.
Intrigued by this subject, I visited perhaps the largest in Moscow led-motorino in Sokolniki, where he met cousins Alexei Kochetkov and Alexander Bakuchi-tion. The fact that they later showed in his garage exceeded all my expectations — the real choppers, but made mostly with his own hands, on the basis of the details, nodes and aggregates of domestic motorcycles. Of course, part of the work, especially related to electroplating and painting operations, they have to spend on the party, using the experience of professionals.
What is the secret to the success of these young guys (im not even thirty)? First, they were “Cycling” school, growing up, hopped onto the motorcycle and for many years ran in the society of lovers of this kind of equipment for real men, after studying their techniques and traditions. Secondly, know the market, the tastes of rockers, bikers and Moto-tourists. And thirdly, many of them made to suit. For example, someone like the wings of the cross-section close to rectangular (see drawing of the back of the wing). In this case, it is available in the garage of the wings of motorcycles various types of cut the individual difficult in the work-shop elements, cut from steel sheet missing, all neatly soldered, carefully trimmed and prepared for subsequent coating(kromerowo, painting). Also made a broad tanks with one or two (for beauty) water necks and the instrument panel, located below the openings. In the first version (with one mouth) they consist of one tank halves welded between which the intermediate piece with the neck, the box under the dash and through the vertical tube for the withdrawal of electric wires. The second of the parts (a little more than half including the neck) two identical tanks. By the way, in the same way made even the wheel rims.
General view
General appearance:
1 — front fender (modified from the motorcycle IZH-P); 2 — stand front fork (from the motorcycle IZH-Yu); 3 — fork crosspiece (45 steel, chrome plating); 4 — front steering (45 steel, chrome, 2 pieces); 5 — rear-view mirrors, heated; 6 — gas tank (from a motorcycle “Dnepr MT-9”); 7 — air filter; 8 — lever kick-starter; 9 — accumulator; 10 — saddle duplex; 11 —back; 12 — turn indicator, rear (IZ-u); 13 — stop; 14 — hind wing; 15 — brake disks (IL-th); 16 — courtesy of the passenger; 17 — pendulum rear suspension; 18 — foot pegs driver; 19 — auxiliary footrest, reclining; 20 — thruster; 21 —arc security (STZ, pipe 34×3); 22 — rear brake pedal (chrome); 23 — turn signal, front (IL-th); 24 — the case of the speedometer (steel 45, chromium); 25 — the case for the ignition key and the warning lights (45 steel, chrome finish); 26 — pedal gear shift (chrome finish).

Generally it all starts with the frame. For copera, of course, select a frame from the “Ural”, “Dnepr” or a K-750. The first two are almost identical and the third differs oil-free cleaning fluid-anikovo rear suspension. She deleted only the attachment points of the seat and side steps. Everything else is not changed, until the elements of the hinge of the stroller, as without them, problems can arise when production of the motorcycle on the account in traffic police, the car was originally stroller.
The frame is hinged fork of the front wheel. The most appropriate of today we have produced air — hydraulic “Izhevsk”. It has the best characteristics and is adapted for the installation of the wheel with the disk brake: there are seats for hydraulic brake cars. Depending on the size of the wheels and wing levers connected to the plug traverses with appropriately spaced holes for them. Traverses are made of steel sheet with a thickness of 28 mm and have holes for mounting the brackets of the steering wheel.
The rear fender connects to the frame at three points: the standard unit, located on the rear upper cross member of the frame and the two brackets are clamped to the upper hinge attachment points of the shock absorbers. At the same time these brackets serve to retain the backrest at a predetermined angle to the saddle. To them, if you want, you can hang the rear trunk and side leather bags.
After installing the rear fender and tank are fitted to the base of two-level seat, which is cut from steel sheet of thickness 1.5—2 mm. It is first bent along the contour of the tank—frame—wing, and then the edge, to give rigidity, bead down to 8— 10 mm. seat Cushion is made of foam. Padding cut out of soft leather, its lower edge being delayed under the base of the saddle and stick. The finished saddle is fixed through the rubber gasket on the frame and the wing with four bolts M8.
As most we have manufactured wheels are equipped with drum brakes, you need to stop at the hub front and rear wheels with brake discs.
Bushing front wheel (all parts except 7, chrome)
Bushing front wheel (all parts except 7, chrome):
1 — left cover (steel 45, s10); 2 — axis (“Ural”); 3 — bearings 80203; 4 — screw M8 (2 PCs); 5 — hub (45 steel); 6 — spoke; 7 — a brake disk; 8 — a screw M8 mounting a brake disk (with hex recess under the key, 6 PCs); 9 — screw M8 mounting right washer (hex recess under the key, 6 PCs); 10 — cover right (steel 45, s10).

Bushing rear wheel
Bushing rear wheel:
1 — axis (from the “Ural”); 2 — spacer (STZ, tube 24×2); 3 — bearings 80204; 4 — M8 screw (with hex recess under the key, 6 PCs); 5 — a brake disk; 6 — needle; 7 — wheel hub (45 steel); 8 — bushing thrust (“Ural”); 9 — spline sleeve (hub rear wheel “Ural”); 10 — shank pinion gear.

The seat back in its mount
The seat back in its mount:
1—rear wing; 2—arc (STZ, pipe 18×2); 3 — bolts M8; 4 — bracket (STZ, right mirror, chrome finish); 5 — shock absorber rear wheel; 6 — frame; 7 bolt M10; 8 — indicator; 9 — back cushion (foam 230х130х60, leather).

Rear view mirror and its mount
Rear view mirror and its mount:
1 — wheel (steel 45, pipe 25×3, chrome plating); 2 — clamp; 3 — stand up (steel 45, s10, chrome plating); 4 — mirror housing (steel 45, chromium).
Standard mount Doug security
Standard mount Doug safety:
1 — frame; 2 — axle (STZ, rod d28, L60); 3 — M8 bolt; 4 — arc security.

Step driver (the passenger)
Footrest driver side (passenger):
1 — arm (a — axis for the passenger) from the “native” steps; 2 — step (STZ, chrome plating); 3 — ring (rubber).

Flip-Parking footstep and her mount
Hinged Parking footstep and its mount:
1 — longeron bottom left; 2 — bracket (STZ); 3 — pins (steel 45); 4 — paw (45 steel, chrome plating); 5 — cotter pin (d3).

Their simple design, self development authors tested for several years on many bikes and so far has no complaints. Disc front wheel is attached to the hub through the cover right-side bearing and the rear directly to the hub. To the latter for transmission to the wheel the torque is welded slotted bushing, taken from the regular wheels “Dnepr” and “Ural”. In addition, we applied standard ball bearings, not tapered like on your own sleeve, which greatly simplifies installation-the demon-the exact same wheel. The number of holes in the hubs by spokes and their location depend on the chosen wheel sizes and netting needles.
As the power units are mostly used two-cylinder four-stroke boxer 650cc interchangeable engines “Dnepr” and “Ural”. It’s certainly not “charlieskies” motors, but proven, fairly reliable and the most powerful produced in our country. At the same time, their protruding to the sides horizontally positioned cylinders do not allow for classic chabarovsky fit of the driver foot forward.
It turns out since the machine is heavy (200 kg), in the Parking lot to get a regular lower footrest to the person who does not have a corresponding physical force, is problematic. To facilitate this process to the left longitudinal member of the frame is welded side hinged foot.
On the steering wheel, magnutom of steel pipe with a diameter of 25×3 mm, installed all the necessary equipment: a small round panoramic mirror (glass is sold in specialized stores, quickly and easily fixed in the housings on double-sided adhesive tape), massive chrome cylinders — warning lamp with the ignition key and speedometer. The left arm and arm “gas” is made, turned and finished with rubber rings as well as footrests for riders.
The lighting equipment of the motorcycle consists of a standard set: headlight, turn signal and brake light. Special attention is paid to the shape of the lights — on copare it should have a slight bulge of the rear fairing and the corresponding reflector. Standard motorcycle turn signals, and brake light is selected based on the shape of the rear wing and its location. The style permits installation of additional lighting devices, such as small lanterns next to the main headlight or fog light mounted in the aperture of the arcs security. But it should be carefully chosen and tastefully decorated.
The abundance of car chrome parts determines the color scheme of the painted surfaces. The most solid appearance give deep dark shades of Burgundy, green, blue and brown colors modern automobile paint type “metallic”.

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