TRAILER MOTORCYCLEMany owners of motorcycles seek how to more effectively use their existing vehicle. In the construction of various buildings, the improvement of the gardens and doing other chores there is a need to move various loads over short distances. In some cases, to cope with this task, under the power of a motorcycle with a lateral trailer. It can be used to significantly expand the range of appropriate jobs: to transport sand, gravel, lumber, hay, household waste, etc., the Optimal solution can be considered the simplest uniaxial trailer structure. The magazine repeatedly cited the description of similar devices. A handmade had the original design solution.


Stand on the court readers of the magazine his version of the side of the trailer to the motorcycle. The highlight of the proposed design of the suspension unit. It without levers, springs and shock absorbers, which significantly complicate the design and require additional time and material resources. I solved this problem differently – mounted dampers instead of a spring, which not only provides sufficient softness, quenching the oscillations of the irregularities og the road, but also performs the role of the axis.

In the manufacture of trailer is widely used available parts from motorcycles and scooters. So, the primary structural element —frame “borrowed” from the side of the trailer a motorcycle “IZH”, found in the scrap heap, waiting their turn to be melted. Cut off all unnecessary, got the frame sizes 650×800 mm (of course, such can be welded, for example, from water pipes 50 mm in diameter). For attaching the spring to the side members of the frame privaris bottom cross beam of the two parts of sizes 35x35x3 mm (or channel of suitable size), which give more rigidity connected with a rear cross frame brace of the pipe of 30 mm in diameter To the beam and the front cross member welded carrier (32-mm tube) at the front end which will install the hitch tie rod from the truck On a motorcycle-towing secured the pivot arm from the same car, the hole, where when driving with a trailer is inserted into the tie rod end.

The spring is assembled from three sheets from the GAZ-51 (at desire it is possible and more). The bottom sheet denoi 900 mm, second 700, third—600 mm (with more every further 100 mm shorter), the package is pulled together with a Central bolt. To the cross beam of the frame spring is attached through the spacer size 35x70x500 mm from wood of firm breeds the same Central bolt and two ladders. At the ends of the lower spring is fixed to the suspension units of the wheels is made using parts of the side of the trailer “IZH”. In their absence, will have to resort to the services of a professional Turner and carve the missing details.






Trailer for motorcycle

The node axis is collected separately, and then it drilled the holes for the mounting bolts in place. The design of the unit is clear from the figure: this is a split bushing, which is clamped to the axle by means of two angles and plates attached to the end of spring. Because of the difficulty it instead of drilling holes at the ends propisyvayutsya grooves with a depth of half the diameter of the mounting bolts.

The wheels of the trailer from scooter “Vyatka” the first editions of the hub is modified from a motorcycle “IZH”. Useless one wheel and disassembled from the hub with a hacksaw, or grinder, or lathe, cut drum brake (left only a shoulder height of 5-7 mm); on the other hand the flange should not be —to it will be attached to the wheel. For this purpose, the drive wheels are drilled four holes with a diameter of 10 mm. Hub is mounted on axle regular nut and splinters.

Body size 1200х900х 350 mm from the welded area dimensions 25×25 mm, the bottom and sides of galvanized sheet 0,7 mm. thickness For protection from dirt on the wheels dirt guards from the cargo scooter. On the bottom of the body are two timber size mm 50x60x1200 for which he is using ladders attached to the frame. Tailgate—hinged.

Later specifically for the transport of hay were made one body, reminding of Arba.

The trailer is painted with automotive paint: frame—black; body—green.

P. BELOUSOV, Volgograd region

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