The garage, which was built in the time of my neighbors, so appealed to me that his project was taking advantage of me. Considering his opportunities, the need for ventilation and fire safety requirements, introduced the necessary adjustments. It turned out well.
Around the garage made a blind area and drainage ditch. Along all walls except for the facade, planted low-growing shrubs and trees so they do not interfere with blowing of the roof by the wind and, of course, the air in the garage.

The gas concentration, characteristic of conventional garages, we managed to eliminate by using a sophisticated system of natural ventilation with the use of effective deflector — wind driving force of thrust. In order not to disrupt the air flow, carefully patched the extra holes and cracks.
Given the relatively low location of the garage, forgot about sand-gravel bedding. The walls and floor inspection pits were filled with concrete. For reliable waterproofing was primed them and then twice coated with hot bitumen.
Air supply device installed on the facade, in the form of adjustable slatted openings (louvers). Through them, fresh air enters the garage, and also in additional air ducts in the inspection pit.
Total area of inlet holes in my garage twice the cross section of the exhaust vent (pipe) is smooth on the inside and insulated on the outside to avoid the condensation and the cold season.
To reduce the aerodynamic drag of a cross-section of the exhaust device is round. When installing pipe, the diameter of which according to calculations had to be of the order of 100-150 mm, take into account that its elevation above the roof not less than half a meter. On top of pipe flange, mounted on a rubber strip exhaust baffle and secured it with bolts. To adjust the volume of outlet air is damper. He is moved by the angled frame.
Scheme garage
The scheme of the garage:
1 — wall; 2 — entrance; 3 — gate; 4 — baffle; 5 — extractor ainoe device ( pipe); 6 — bypass ditch; 7 — observation well; 8,10 — duct; 9 — air supply device

In summer, air supply and exhaust holes in my garage are completely open. With the onset of cold weather first, cover the blinds, and then the gate. In any case strive to ensure that the room is always “breathe”.
For the exception of “roll-over” traction in the cold, try to keep equal space supply and exhaust devices. In the heat do the opposite: to maximize air exchange set the area of the supply holes and exhaust more.
Your car put into the garage in reverse, to enter the garage with nezagazovannogo side, and the exhaust gas was as close to the hood.
V. SHVEDOV, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

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