AFTER GLUE - SYRINGEDear editors, in your journal often publishes interesting technical solutions; offer you. Adhesive pen after consuming the content is not just packaging, and the original design for innovation. For example, it can be easily converted into a syringe-dispenser for viscous compounds: epoxide resin, petroleum jelly, grease, grease nitrokey and other materials.

The body and details first dismantled: unscrewed to the limit of screw stem (5) and remove piston (2). Then the rod is removed from the housing (3), with little effort, so he came out of the mounts (4). All parts are carefully cleaned from the remnants of old glue and washed in hot water.

Next a tube is being finalized in the following way. In the lid (1) of the housing (3) drilled hole for screw rod on which it is mounted, then it is screwed and the piston (2). The piston is inserted into the housing and in its place put cover (1). In the old nest (4) of the piston is inserted into the front part (limit switch) the old ball stud (7) pens.

Refill the syringe with compound is made from the side of the lid, then inserted the piston and closes the lid.

Fig. 1. A tube of glue pencil

Fig. 1. A tube of glue pencil

Fig. 2. Disassembly and rework of the body and lid of the tube

Fig. 2. Disassembly and rework of the body and lid of the tube:

1 —cover; 2—piston; 3—body; 4—a socket of the housing; 5—screw-stem; 6—head of a rod; 7—end of a ballpoint pen


Fig. 3. Syringe in

Fig. 3. Syringe:

a metering distance unscrewing the stem

Metered flow of the mixture is as follows: coil stock vylinivaya to the desired value (a), then by pressing it the mixture is extruded from the nozzle (b).

It is also possible a uniform flow from the syringe through the progressive removal of the stock.

I recommend a similar syringe for modelers working with epoxy resin: the operation of gluing in this case is much accelerated. Charging the same syringe mixed composition of epoxy resin and hardener is not complicated.

S. TESOVSKOE, engineer, Ordzhonikidze

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