OUTDOOR KITCHEN... ON THE TRACTORFor students of the 70-ies – 80-ies there was a special annual period, which was called simply “potato.” All through September and sometimes early October, students performed in the suburbs, working in the fields and harvest the potatoes.
Extraordinary time and an amazing event not only shaped the young student groups, but also allowed to learn from the experience and ingenuity of the rural artisans, that is, without going to the potato field. I want to tell you about one unusual device that made the tractor, teaching students to literally stalk your tractor. Course development and he was the highest.

This tractor was struck from afar, reminding even a tractor, but rather the locomotive, with a huge pipe, from which came suddenly a delicious smell. For some time nobody could understand what a strange machine plowed a potato field, and why is he so different from other similar machines. Gradually a crowd of curious students, selects the tractor potatoes has grown and clearly something was sniffing.



Field kitchen on the tractor

Field kitchen on the tractor:


1 – exhaust pipe; 2 – silencer; 3 – bucket; 4 – cover of the bucket; 5 – potatoes


The mystery cleared up at the end of the field when the tractor turned off the car and plugged the exhaust pipe of the tractor plug. Deftly removing tractor “train pipe” and keeping it under the bottom of the tractor with a smile put before the startled students whole bucket of great baked potatoes and a jar of salt – eat up! The hole in the bottom of the bucket and the same hole in the lid – that’s the secret field kitchen, allows for a single passage across the field to cook in the fresh air truly Royal treat.

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