LASER ASSISTANTAs a longtime reader of Your magazine, a lot of interesting in this read. Finally, I decided to write myself: maybe useful to someone my experience of construction.
Its essence is as follows. As-needed in private households to build the shed, and quite a large size. It is clear that the basis of almost every built — the Foundation. And the problem was exactly with the removal of the corners of the Foundation and its entire top in one and the same “zero” level. This depends on the strength and durability, especially in brickwork.

Leveling was not. Tried instead a simple hose with water — something has not turned out, it fell. But suddenly, help came from not waiting. I had a small carpenter’s level, even a toy laser pointer. I took it and to the body of the level of duct-taping a laser
pointer. Next on the corners of the Foundation in the ground drove four stakes, about the same height. One of them made a label N9 1 somewhere at the level of 200 — 300 mm from the surface of the earth. In place of this label and was set up on the level with a pointer, with the beam direction towards the next stake.

Level put a bottle of air horizontally and turned on the pointer. There’s a little problem: on a Sunny day to see the point of the beam is very problematic. Of provisions left, putting back the stake (which was directed beam) piece of roofing material. From a laser point on it is made on a coke label number 2. Then it moved and attached level with the pointer. Exactly the same as in the first case, put the level and sent a beam to the next number got label No. 3, and then on the last one.

Laser level

Laser level:

1 —pole (4 PCs); 2—Foundation; 3—carpenter’s level; 4—bubble chamber; 5—laser pointer; 6—beam; 7—screen of roofing material

For greater certainty and eliminate the errors in these measurements after received the label number 4, measured level in the opposite direction. That is, leaving the level at the fourth mark, she gave the beam on the third, then the second, then at the first. All the measurements were done correctly and the beam is focused normally, no deviations, as all the labels for measurements in both cases coincide with each other.

If the point of the beam becomes quite large, then it is fixable: just pointers twisted the cap and the beam focuses by rotating the tube to the required size.

In the end, the barn was a big, good-looking, and most importantly — without bias. As they say, was helped by the ingenuity and workmanship.

O. Chilikin, city of Pallasovka, Volgograd region.

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