PLAYING IN THE YARDFamiliar and typical of most courtyards of residential areas of the picture: instead of equipped children’s playgrounds — a traditional sandbox with no less than the traditional “mushroom”, in the best case two or three tubular “Spiderman” for climbing. That is why, and looking for other guys for them to play: entrances, indoor playgrounds kindergartens, shaded pergolas.
However, on some yards, parks you can see the so-called “fairy-tale villages”: the hut on chicken legs, fantastic wooden figures. But these elements of improvement, despite their visual appeal, as a rule, the most important factor — functionality.
Very rare playgrounds, on which the architecture of small forms — not only decoration, but also life being a game. However, a large amount of work associated with the design and construction of such facilities, their high cost is the main obstacle in the development of integrated solutions yard areas.
However, there is a solution — force the residents with housing maintenance offices of the available materials to make for children interesting game structure.
About how to do it, says the architect N. Fedotov.
The proposed design assembled from standard elements which in various combinations create multi-functional pieces for games, solved in the same architectural style.
The main material used in construction — Board sections 50Х150 30X150 mm. mm and thicker going main load-bearing parts and serve as an additional thin ties and decorative trim.
Game design.
The main structural elements here — the vertical triangular frame consisting of two sloping stands, strapped to the bottom of the joists. All connections are made on the M10 bolts. Finished frame set parallel to each other and temporarily fixed in this position. Then start the installation of the flooring joists. In places where it is envisaged steps, the lag shortened to an outer side of the inclined struts. The lateral stiffness of the structures provides crossbeams of the Swedish wall or boards of the roof.
To start the construction of the roof should be from the bottom, as each of the upper Board overlaps the previous one, providing a drain. Overlap the two ends of the free style boards.
The crossbar of the Swedish walls are made of two-inch steel pipes, which are sealed in a Board sloping stands with no additional flanges and fasteners. To this end, on the axis of the tube, make six cuts to a depth 150 mm separates the end of six petals. Before installing the pipe in the hole three petals, located at an angle of 120°, are bent, and the remaining three passed through the opening and bent from the outside. For a secure fit in the pipe the clog is a wooden stopper.
Sloped hill going from the boards section 30X150 mm, bring down the shield. The sides of it to attach the Board fence, which provides longitudinal stiffness. For the best sliding plane of the slope is desirable to cover linoleum or other sheet material.
Balance swing is made from two boards section 50X150 mm, connected to straps. In the middle part of strengthened U-shaped strap. Through the hole passes the axis of the steel pipe, fixed on the joists.
This set of parts is sufficient for the manufacture of various small architectural forms in the equipment of children’s playgrounds. Here are some of them.
The main structural elements of gaming devices for yard playgrounds.
The main structural elements of gaming devices for yard playgrounds:
1 slanted rack, 2 — lag, 3 — Board flooring, 4 — roof boards, 5 — a ridge Board, 6 bolts M10, 7 — step, 8 — base plate, 9 — inch steel pipe, 10 — Board Stingray slides, 11 boards, 12 — sheet coating, 13 — tightening plank, 14 — Board balancer, 15 — U-shape mounting strap; And — a view of the house from the side, B — stairs, In — wall, G — slide, D — balance swing.
Complex Swedish wall is assembled from three vertical frames with the shortened joists and flooring. Below the flooring of the inclined struts are connected to beams in all three frames, and the above only in pairs. Unconnected stands form the entrance to the site.
House with slide and wall bars is assembled from three frames, two of which overlap the boards and remaining connected to middle free style with boards and beams the walls. From the house set pitched hill.
Unilateral slide with canopy and wall bars consists of three frames with the flooring — it is embedded in the sloping hill. Located next to the stairs. The opposite wall boards are upholstered and equipped with wall bars.
Slide maze is chetyrehbalnoy design, a Central-symmetrical in plan. It is equipped with two slides, roof, stairs. Internal partitions form a kind of labyrinth.
Balance swing — the little game piece consisting of two frames, a small roof and the rocker axis.
Sandpit with canopy is somewhat different from their counterparts design frames. They lack the joists and flooring. Instead, the extreme of the frame are connected in the longitudinal direction four-meter boards, officers fencing, and the cross — benches that are installed on special supports.
All proposed structures, except for the sandbox, can be combined into a Playground or group of game elements. In this case it is advisable to do a little work with the land to lay track or pour artificial hills, using available materials (sand or gravel).
Finished designs — a water-resistant lacquer and enamel paints better spectral colors. However, note that large plane is preferably coloured yellow-red sector of the color circle, then they will stand over the background of the earth, of greenery and surrounding buildings, and post-and-beam details — in the blue-green color. In addition, the General design can be used supergraphic, the artificial articulation of the planes with color.
N. FEDOTOV, architect

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