EMERGING PICTUREthe Table is a working Board which can be raised and fixed on the wall very comfortable. This is usually done by one of the ends of the tabletop is attached to a wall bar on the hinges or the hinges, while the free, opposite edge rests on a folding stand. But in the retracted view, this design adorns the interior, because the stand is on the outside.
And if you apply a different principle of folding? Take a look at the tab: what we see in the figure, does not like — it’s just a decorative panel. But here’s the bottom part of the panel extends out of the frame: the bolt installed at the top side of the countertop, slide down the guide grooves in the sides of the frame. After the top panel is the bottommost position, it reclines flat prop hinged to the loop. When folded it is inside, between the countertop and the wall, and visible only from the outside working surface of the table, which can be covered with plastic or synthetic film, a beautiful washable Wallpaper or just fancy painted.
The table is made from a thick sheet of plywood or particle Board; for the frame will need a few boards with a thickness of 25 mm. Closer to the wall end of the countertop with screws glue fastened round rod d 25 mm and a length of 40 mm superior width of the panel: speakers on each side of segments of the rod will act as guide pins sliding in the grooves of the sidewalls of the frame.
Panel dimensions of the table are freely selectable, according to your needs and capabilities, but the top needs to be longer than hinged supports.
diagram of the retractable table
Retractable table Schema:
1 — folding prop, 2 — tabletop, 3 — side wall frame, 4 — strap-rails. 5 — top Board frame, 6 — wall protective sheet; And — installation of additional elongated bearing 7

The estimated dimensions of the given here options — 750×1200 mm. This table top easy folding and spacious enough for most household jobs. The inner part of the frame should be about 5 mm wider than the panel.
Guide grooves for the pins are formed by two straps attached to the frame with screws. In the bottom of the front straps there are two pairs of sockets for the pins to set the desired height of the table. When it is above normal, the prop is not swung (holding ball retainers), and in its place — in the groove — inserts another, higher one.
Wall surface, enclosed into the frame, it is useful to paste a beautiful oilcloth or close a sheet of hardboard. By making the width of the frame with the stock inside it is possible to equip a few small shelves.
The construction of the joints of the table is visible from the given drawings. Although, as mentioned, sizes can be selected, and others.

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