COMPACT AND COMFORTABLEA year ago, and the compilation of materials on furniture for the baby, was told about the table-the bedside table, which also hosts all the “dowry” baby. Taking up minimal space, this nightstand provides young mothers maximum comfort when caring for infants. The publication caused a great interest among the readers; many of them have asked to bring drawings and description of the same structures. We offer another variant of this device, placed in one of the rooms of the Bulgarian magazine “Right itself”.
This bedside table not otymet in the nursery a lot of space, and to implement a few features — a small table and locker. It is convenient to iron diapers on the shelves to store linen and baby equipment.
Both halves of the tables at first glance exactly the same. However, they have differences. Left — main: its walls rest on the floor and keep themselves on the top, three shelves and… the right half. Recent lurches to her piano loop; it is somewhat shorter than the left height to freely enter under the table top when closing and not to hurt the floor. Support are two rollers, mounted on the bottom of the bottom shelf. Above are three more shelves, so that when closing between them consists of shelves of the left half.
Fig. 1. Table closed
Fig. 1. Bedside table in a closed form:
1 — left half. 2 — tabletop. 3 — right half.

To produce this table, Cabinet will need plywood or chipboard, planks, and plywood. Of the shields or plates are cut blanks for countertops and walls of the virgin and right catch tables. Boards and plywood will go on the shelves
The tabletop is a square panel of size 20 X 660 X 600 mm and a few beyond the perimeter of the tables. The surface of the countertop it is better to sheathe a soft cloth — flannel, teasing.
Blank side walls will be different for the left and right halves of the tables. For the first they have a height of 930 mm and a width of 480. For the second — height of 920 mm (including the distance from the floor and countertops) and a width of 480 mm. Connection of the sidewalls of the left half among themselves and with top best on round tenons with glue (you can also on the screws — itati, also with glue). The right half they have the same connection; the piano loop it is better to mount small screws, also on the glue — for example, PVA.
Each shelf is assembled from three parts: two side cut of the Board thickness 20 mm and having a height of 100 mm and a length of 460 and 440 mm, and the bottom is made of plywood of 3 mm thickness and dimensions of roughly 460 X 460 mm: they can slightly decrease if the bottoms on the side will fasten metal corners, or, on the contrary, slightly increase if the panels with the same purpose will be done by the grooves, which in this case it is better to do in the side shelves.
Fig. 2. Desk-wardrobe
Fig. 2. Desk-wardrobe:
1— tabletop, 2, 5 — wall of the right half of the tables. 3 — side shelf. 4 — the bottom shelves, 6 — fixing roller, 7, 8 — the wall of the left half of the tables.

The side shelves between himself and the wall cabinets are mounted on a round plug-in thorns with any wood glue.
The layout hanging shelves and installing the right half of the tables on the piano hinge, is attached to the left half, you should do very carefully — otherwise the table will not be closed.
Due to the complex curve described by the rollers supporting the right half of tables n to facilitate its closing, better use of existing, commercially available, and only rotating on their vertical axes.
At the end of the Assembly tables, depending on the quality used for the manufacture of materials it can be painted, covered with beautiful oilcloth or coated with enamels of pleasant colors.

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