FOAM BRUSHThe model is ready, applied the last layer of putty. It is time to begin painting. Soon the model will become strict and graceful look, will emerge more noticeable the line of lines, curves, a glossy surface will fall light patches. You can understand the impatience of the young designer when there is so little to the first test of the new device. And now look what happened… Ran, although not very clearly, traces of brushwork, striking streaks of paint and blotched, uneven border colors.

But the fact that the work was carried out with a brush. Even to cover large surfaces had to use it not at hand, no sprayer, no compressor. But there is a way out of this situation! Spend five minutes and do an impromptu, non-rotating “roller”. Actually, not a roller, and only the grip for him.
Pick up the two metal strips of width 15— 20 mm and wrapping tin ribbon spay their folded ends together. If the line is long, you can just bend it in half. The tweezers equip cable clamp, bent from the same metal tape. Pushing it to the free ends of the holder, you surely will capture a “cushion” folded piece of foam. Trying to work this device, you’ll never be to cover large surfaces with a brush. The foam transcend even quick-drying nitro: they dealt with it, no streaks and visible boundaries of the individual strokes. Besides, you will get rid of spoiling the coating of hairs, and air bubbles formed on the glossy layer. And to mess with the hillshade tool is not necessary — after work it’s easier to throw thoroughly impregnated with paint a piece and next time insert in the holder.
If you appreciate this device and it you will find useful when painting a model, try to improve it. Of thin boards drank a pen, a hacksaw prorege it from two opposite sides of the grooves. They must have bent edge of the metal grips. Working edges also bend and using a triangular file to cut their teeth. Will remain to supply the gripper with a spring or to wear on top of them rubber ring, insert the foam and try it all in. Easily you can make a whole set of such devices of different sizes. OI certainly useful for the most responsible work — the external finish to any model.

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