THE CAR BECOMES RESISTANCEExactly the same as a modern car, soft suspension is needed and its radio-controlled models-copies. After all, the impact of the model on the ground or, conversely, jump over a depression in the road surface lead to vertical oscillations of the wheels of the car that is transferred to the axles and the body. Hard suspension a strong impact on the wheel during motion leads to a separation from the road the entire model. To avoid this soft suspension allows the wheel.

When using the underlying strength of the perturbation from shock takes on only the wheel, but it starts to jump like a ball and long calms. At each jump, the wheel momentarily loses contact with the track, and if it occurs in the moment of turning, the drift model is inevitable. To reduce the duration and number of vibrations of a wheel, it is necessary to complicate the already difficult design radio model, using the dampers, or as they are called, hydraulic shock absorbers. There are two types of such devices — symmetrical, in which stroke up and down sedentarian the same, and asymmetric, where the movement towards the compression of the spring occurs almost freely, and in the opposite direction slowly.
Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. “Symmetric” absorber:
1 — earring stock, 2 — resistant Cup, 3 — nut, 4 — o-sleeve, 5 — usually, 6 — rod, 7 — case.

Fig. 2.
Fig. 2. Asymmetric shock:
1 — body, 2 — rod, 3 — valve-washer 4 — nut, 5 — usually, 6 — o-sleeve.

PA figures 1 (attenuator symmetric type) and 2 (asymmetric), you might notice differences in their design. The last is somewhat more complicated, characterized by the presence of the floating washer-valve and a system of canals to bypass the oil, but such a shock is working in a right mode and is more effective than symmetrical. Such shocks can be done in any model circle — of course, if there is a lathe. The absorber is made of very affordable materials, but the implementation requires careful and skilled approach, because it is a very accurate mechanism. Its body is machined from solid aluminum alloy D16T, Д19Т, V95 or steel. Stock steel X13, Х18Н9Т. Valve washer brass or duralumin. Nut brass (LS-59-1). Cuff made of rubber or other B14, also oil and petrol resistant, manufactured by hot vulcanization. Before assembling the cavity of the shock absorber is filled with transformer oil.

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