LANDING PROGRAMUnder the terms of the competition model rockets must stay in the air for Some time, and it makes rocketmodeler to look for different Methods of forced landing. Very interesting designed and a mug of rocket and space modeling the pioneers of the town of Krasnozavodsk. It allows you to limit the time of flight depending on the conditions of the competition.

Placed the fixture in the head-fairing. The fairing consists of two parts — lower and upper, made on a lathe from Lyra. Inside the bottom of a drilled Hole Ø 7 mm, covered with foil. In the hole insert the wick and an Additional lifting charge. Bottom made boring Ø 15 mm, depth 20 mm, where the glued tube from foam. Through the resulting loop is threaded the straps of the parachute. Two power straps attached to the bottom.
The upper part of the cone inserted into the bottom, keeping a streamlined shape, and attach them with a clamp.
The device works so. The length of the wick is selected taking into account that 1 cm of fabric wick burns for 60 sec. the upper part of the fairing off, light the wick, and then it closes and locks.
1 — hole Ø 1 mm, 2 — latch, 3 — top, bottom fairing, 4 — wick, 5 — lifting charge, 6 — tube (foam), 7 — slings

The model starts. For normal burning of the wick at the top of the case for hole Ø 1 mm.
When the wick burns down, lifting charge fires, which burn through the straps at their point of attachment.
Parachute “hangs” on the two main lines, the model lands.
A. GAVRILOV, master of sports of the USSR

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